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I know I said something about a party on Friday, but looks like I was mistaken. The party was planned to be on Saturday, but it can't happen since I have tutoring at 10 am every Sunday. So it looks like I have no real plans for my birthday... again.
I hate everything
this is the weirdest ad ever what the hell

they got a freaking dragon ball one too
I've been giving this announcement to almost anyone I can at school today, so might as well put it here too lol. Also tomorrow I got a half day so uh idk
Tomorrow, be careful around GameStops or stuff like those if you don't want to be trampled by a bunch of people waiting to get their copy of Pokémon Sun and Moon lmao
u guys have no idea how freakin long i was looking for 2009 footage of a fantage fashion show with the original music

as for why i was searching, you'll have to figure out why later ;)
first off, looks like we got trump'd
does that mean i'll get deported?

second, i kid you not when i say i beat whitney on FIRST TRY in soulsilver today and she failed to use rollout twice, only used stomp and a few milk drinks. call it bs but i aint kidding lol
Hey guyssss its Farioooooooooo.
So I admittedly forgot that there was the Valentine Exchange this year even though though there's one every February lmao

So for those of you who are new or don't know
The Valentine Exchange is where deviants can post valentine related deviations for others to secretly send to their valentine
Look people made a bunch of em already:…

Well when I first joined I got lazy and put random edits everywhere lol
And last year I made some actual stuff but I'm not sure if anyone really used them hahaha

I got an idea for what I'll personally post for the Valentine Exchange, but I thought I would do something a bit different this year... I think I'll work with someone to make something for this.
You heard saw that right, I will open collabs with people who want to make a valentine deviation :D

I'm not going to make reserved slots for this, but here are some simple rules
  1. I guess I will collab with anyone but I do prefer collaborating with friends, so if you're a friend of mine you have higher priority
  2. I can either draw, pixel, or do Fantage themed (if we do Fantage theme I prefer to use Fantage's official characters, especially ones that hardly get any spotlight)
  3. Sorry, no furry/nudity/etc. stuff, I'm just not into those things
  4. We will converse in notes if I accept. We can either make one valentine for my page, or one for each of our pages.
Yeah I guess that's it

As for the Fantage themed valentines, that's what I did last year and a few people liked them, especially the Orion one lol
Here they are in case you want to know what they look like and if you want to maybe do that
Fantage - Orion Valentine's Day Card by Fario-PFantage - Valentina Valentine's Day Card by Fario-P
However I haven't done custom Fantage edits in a long time so sorry if I suck ass at it ^^;

So uhhh I hope people notice this and maybe want to collab

And here's something from me for your daily nostalgic needs.

good old days by Fario-P
Ahahahaa I haven't pulled out my "awesome official guide" to Club Penguin like this in ages
Here's your last relic of the Iceberg before Disney melts it for good

"Waddle On." :iconfario-p:


:iconwe-are-fantage: :iconf-a-s-info: :iconpgoffanclub: :iconold-fantage-art:


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