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Heyheyhey guyyyyys. It's a me, your cactus-juice drinkin' kiddo Fario here, as always.
Was gonna just make a status post about each thing discussed here, but nah might as well save everyone's time and (mailbox) space with just one journal. I'm kinda bored here, if you're wondering how I'm feeling... just took a shower, and I'll feel better when tomorrow comes, because tomorrow is no school. Kinda feel bad for the teachers tho, they gotta stay in the school for stuff, probably for putting in final grades.

Anyhoooooo let's get on with the elephant in the room...

Like I just said a line ago, let's discuss the thing that everyone seems to be going bonkers about. Except me, but anyway...
Image result for pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon
I do not own this picture. I will probably put other pictures up here and I'll just say that I don't own them. There's one that I made this week that I'll put up tho so that's an exception.
Anyway, this picture is from

Thaaaaaaaat's right, most of you Pokéfans were guessing there would be a Pokémon game this year. However, the new Pokémon games that everyone expected were not the ones we were expecting. I didn't watch the Pokémon Direct that came out yesterday, but I didn't have to, because I didn't know it existed and just ended up randomly searching up "pokemon". No really, I had no idea the Direct even existed, but anyway you can imagine my shock when I saw the new Pokémon games announced yesterday.
There were three related-Pokémon titles announced, to my knowledge. The first new Pokémon game announced was "Pokkén Tournament DX", which basically looks like it will be what Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is to Mario Kart 8. About that game real briefly, I don't like the idea of MK8 Deluxe because it kinda makes me feel like nothing considering we have the original game, and I'm probably guessing fellow Wii U owners felt the same too. Well, fellow Wii U owners, time to feel even more worse about getting a Wii U because of this game. Might sound great for Switch owners, whose consoles have pretty much nothing at the moment, but to me this just sounds sad.
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Nintendo NOOOO sobbing - crying 
The other new Pokémon game is the elephant in the room journal are the ones I just put up a picture of-- Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
It seems Generation 7 will be a repeat of Generation 5-- people say the story in the games were just as good as Black and White's were, and now we have these games, which I guess will be a repeat of Black and White 2. I personally still haven't finished Pokémon Moon yet, so I feel kinda "meh" about these games right now. People were expecting either "Pokémon Stars", which I guess is a fan-made title for what a "special edition/Yellow/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum" would be for Sun/Moon, or Sinnoh remakes, which was what I was expecting to happen. And like the people expecting those games, I was very disappointed.
I don't know what to make of these games, really STITCH LLORA 

The only good thing that I feel came out of yesterday's direct was the third Pokémon-related announcement in the direct-- Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Look, we all knew these were bound to happen as soon as Nintendo announced VC releases of Red/Blue/Yellow, but hey I'm glad that these releases really are coming. I grew up with Silver and still have our physical copy of it to this day. Never really had to replace the internal battery even after all these years, fortunately, but hey, I'd still be glad to get a VC release of this. Silver, and its' remake, SoulSilver, were my personal favorite main Pokémon games.
Too bad I got no more space for my SD Card for this and I'm not sure where to get another one.

I was a bit disappointed with the announcement overall, but I hope my opinion doesn't damper anyone else's opinion of these games. I'm sure that these games will be enjoyed by someone less pessimistic than me w00t! 

Now it's time to discuss Fantage stuff, but really I don't know anyone who would care for this lol
Onto the official stuff first (that's right, we got official and unofficial Fantage stuff here). First off, Fantage made these "exclusive limited edition" type of items again... you know, these item sets Fantage occasionally puts out for people who somehow don't mind the fact that Gold exists. Some of the item sets are admittedly good though, there were these two sets Fantage released last year that I really liked, one was cherry-blossom-ish and the other was wedding-ish.
Soooo, this time the item set is an "anime set". From what I know, the stuff doesn't resemble anything from any anime I've ever seen and I have mixed opinions on the items themselves, but man are the descriptions for these items reaaaaaaaally wince-worthy Facepalm...

Second, Fantage announced their graduation event for this year, "Class of 2017." It begins tomorrow, and I'm only looking forward to it so I can review the items and take pics of the backgrounds for everyone's editing needs and to preserve Fantage's... interesting history (let's be real, it's going to be a repeat of last year's boring event). The "Graduation Special" deal they're having right now is pretty stupid, however. I know they make this kind of deal pretty often, but I'm not going to shut up about how stupid it is.
Here's a pic sammydew2 sent me yesterday about it lol
yuy u accompurished smtg by Fario-P
Anyway... that's enough with the official stuff... onto the unofficial aka fan stuff

First off, important announcement for fellow Fantage fans! The fourth unofficial popular summer event, Fantage Vidcon 2017, has just been announced! It will be hosted by two YouTubers who I know nothing about, Emery and TiffieNetwork, and will take place about two weeks from now. I made a flyer on it, which I'm pretty sure all of you already know about right now (feel free to repost my flyer by the way!):
Fantage Vidcon 2017 info by Fario-P
Here's the video announcement where I got all the info from:

If you haven't guessed, I'll probably come and record footage so uhhh ok

Second, the Fantage community on YouTube have been all over this video posted by Pinkerellie earlier this week
There's lots of discussion on the comment section and I love it, feel free to add to the (calm) riots going down there

Since somebody gotta do something I'll probably go back to Fantage animating again.
First off I'll have to revive that collab channel I started last year... ya you know, BakingPixels, that one YouTube channel that totally didn't just copy Let's ERR Cook on the idea of a Fantage cooking channel. But that channel's dead, so itsokay lawl
I'm thinking about making a video on a family recipe we've been doing for years, and of course, a new channel art/icon. Problem is, I got no ideas. The few people I asked on Skype suggested a summer theme, but I wanna know what the rest of you guys think.

And second... Idea  I actually want to work on Millennium Star again. You know, that one Fantage Animated Movie about this old series' of Brinjsana I said I was gonna make years ago and last year. No I'm really going to go back on it.
I know I disappointed some people last year that I would quit Fantage animating, and I really felt bad that time when it meant stopping the movie. I'll get back to it, I promise. I mean, somebody gotta do something-- there's not that many Fantage animations out right now, and again, the Fantage community is dead. I'll mention a few people who were looking forward to the movie being made just so they can see this cuz I doubt they read my journals that much lol. Some of these nice people even made fan art/stuff for the movie and I appreciate it, so I hope this announcement makes your day :iconstrawberry-dove::iconme-la-dow::iconjessamine::iconixrika::iconserina084::iconookamihanta:
However, I'll have to restart the whole project again.
No, not cuz I lost the files, I still have the files I made last year. No, it's just ever since I saw the latest episode of laina123452's Fantage Animated Series Gone, I really want to make the movie not-as-much lazy... the episode was really inspiring animation-wise (here, you watch it for yourself!!). And yes, restart means new character designs. I'm keeping the plot and the backgrounds I made last year though cuz lol
And yes, restart also means... I'll reopen submissions for prom outfit designs (yes, spoilers, there's a prom-ish dance scene, sorry for being so cliché...), OCs, and fan art!! Any fan art or prom outfit submission I get will be featured in the credits of the movie. I'll be sure to give all credits, and yes, if you want your Fantage OC to be in the movie, now's your chance!! I already got serina084's permission to use her OC for the movie, does anyone else want their OC to be in the movie? Just send a link!!
Edit 6/9/17: For anyone willing to submit prom designs, it's okay, you don't have to anymore, because during school today I ended up finding some great pictures that inspired the girls' dresses. But I'll still accept fan art!! Again, I am making completely new designs, but for now you can base off of this
Millennium Star designs by Fario-P 
Those are last year's designs. Again, I'm making completely new ones and I'm not going to be using Jessimine's uniform this time. (Sorry, I still like your work on it tho!!)

So yeah that's all for this journal :iconfario-p:
Hey guys, it's Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarioooooo. Derp Mario Icon
...Sorry I'm just a bit upset right now and I'll get right to it. No, it's not family/real life problems, it's got something to do with computer games and I neeeeed some heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp.

Okay so I've been re-watching this one YouTuber named azuritereaction again and now I feel like re-installing RollerCoaster Tycoon again.
If you don't know what that game is, it's a 1999 computer game where you can make a theme park mainly featuring roller coasters. It's known for the fact that most players like trolling with the park guests by drowning them, killing them on a roller coaster crash, or make them pay $10 to go to the bathroom.
Image result for rollercoaster tycoon memes
Picture credit: MemeSuper
I would re-install RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 first, like I usually do since it has a lot more customization options and a ton of improvements, but I never played much of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon compared to it so why not.
Besides, let's be real, the scenarios in the first game are a lot more memorable than the ones in the second game. Both are iconic imo, but you really can't beat crazy scenarios like a heavily vandalized park (Ivory Towers), a literal death park (Fiasco Forest), and an insanely tiny park (Micro Park).

Only problem: I currently have Windows 10 and it doesn't work correctly.
Installing it works fine and it opens like usual, but there are huuuuuuge problems. First, the game can only be playable in Windowed mode, and anytime I try to fix the settings, it will not change. Second, I can save a game fine, but I can't load it later. Every time I try to load the game, it opens up to my Documents and I can't go to another folder to find my saved game. It will stay stuck until I cancel my option to load it. Third, whenever I'm in the middle of a game and I want to click on "New Game", the game freezes, and after a few seconds, an error window opens. Forgot what exactly it said, but it said stuff like "violation" and "trapper" and a bunch of stuff in 0s and 1s (I'm assuming it's binary). This error window also opens if I just load the game up and then exit the game normally.

I've tried looking online and tried doing what other people said worked for them, but nothing really changed. Does anyone know how to fix this?

If anyone needs to know what copy of the game I'm using, it is a really old box that has "PC Gaming" on the side and has three discs-- the original game, Corkscrew Follies, and Loopy Landscapes. (Though Corkscrew Follies no longer works and I lost Loopy Landscape years ago Confused Mario)
The bottom of the box at the front has a small text that reads "To be sold with CPU, CTO or notebook computers. Not to be sold individually", so I'm assuming this box came with one of our past PCs. I'm also assuming this box was distributed in 2001, because it had the revamped brown/black/red logo instead of the normal purple/yellow logo (this logo was used for US copies, European copies had a logo with a different variant on its boxes) and also has "The #1 Best Seller!" on it.
So yeah, this is not a GOG copy, this is an old-school retail copy.
...pls help me Mario Intensifies 

Oh and uh I'm kinda bored so uhhh
I've always been getting bored of Fantage, so if there's any good MMORPGs out there, please tell me.
I've tried Chit Chat City, but I gave up cuz I don't remember to go on it. I already have a MapleStory account that I forget to play, so there's that if you were going to suggest that.

Oh and yes! I just remembered! My sister is planning on getting a DS, and she wants me to give her recommendations.
I doubt she can find a DS these days, never mind one at a good price, but I want her to get a 3DS (cuz I have one duh xD). I'm not sure what to recommend her though, since the 3DS game library is, in my own opinion, not as good as the DS game library and there's not much on there available. Except on GameStop, but damn it's getting expensive.
I wanted to get Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and I found a copy a while ago, but IT'S around $20-$25 USD!!! ...That's not too bad considering it's a good game, but still Shrug
(and don't even get me started with the Pokémon SoulSilver copy that I barely found before Pokémon Sun/Moon came out-- after those games out, there were copies of that and HeartGold flooded everywhere. I wish I got my copy later so I could save myself more suffering looking for it).

Anyway I'm not sure what DS/3DS games to recommend her other than any of the Pokémon games available (the whole family's huge Pokémon junkies lol) and some of the games that I have. You can comment suggestions if you want and help me with that too :)

I should be doing hw... and eating... :iconfario-p:
Hey guys, it's a me Fario~. Haven't talked about stuff in a while and stuff. Whoops.
So uh yeah I've been getting kinda tired lately. I don't live in Japan, so I don't think I can safely say I have "May sickness"... but it's almost the end of the school year and I'm gettin real bored of all the stuff school thinks is a good idea and stuff. Oh boy, I guess you can see that I have some great output on stuff today with these beautiful sentences and their wording. Still can't believe I'll have to think about college and shit for the next couple of months. Or years.
Everyone else seems to be real busy on Skype so I guess I can just ramble in a journal

Before I get into a heavy tangent, here's something you guys should check out
First off, miplios is in a heavy art block thing rn so they've opened requests (they're anime-ish styled btw). Check it out
REQUEST BOX (CLOSED)If you couldn't tell, I am currently suffering from art block (//sobs)
To compensate for my lack of artwork, I am going to open a request box (yay)!
I will not be doing all of them, but only a small amount.
What I am offering:

Headshots and Half Bodies
So, fill in the following form, so that you can have me draw your character.
Also, it doesn't need to be an OC. It can be from a show or an anime.
- Your username
- Reference
- Reference's name
- Personality
- Some notes I should know
- Must be a watcher!
- A journal/poll to advertise this request box 
- optional: add two images of my work in the poll/journal
To all those who have commissioned me and or commenced an art trade, I'm terribly sorry but I will have to delay it. I do not want to make trashy artworks that will disappoint you. Sorry ; u ;;;

I'm not really requesting anything since I got nothing and they have a lot on their hands already
But anyway let's get onto it

Okay I've been watching this guy named RebelTaxi (hosted by PanPizza) on YouTube a lot recently and I really like Pan's content I guess lol. He makes a lot of videos talking about cartoons, stuff like Nick, Cartoon Network, anime, all that stuff. (Of course, I try to watch with moderation cuz he sometimes sneaks in subtle scenes of cartoon porn and I never know until I see the comment section, but anywayyy XD...)
Pan posts stuff from top 10s to reviews to podcasts-- his videos are usually in a unique kind of style where they're actually done like a show you'd find on TV-- for ad sections he actually puts in ad bumpers that go on TV networks, where some of them makes me wish I was a kid again. A lot of people say that his top 10s are random ideas that are just as thoughtful as Watchmojo videos, but at least they're all related to cartoons and bring up a lot of cool discussions.
He's somewhat popular and even got his own deviantART group made by fans: thepanpizzafanclub.deviantart.…
...Pan does check out deviantART for his videos. Let's hope he doesn't find this cuz I don't need an unintentional shoutout ^^;

ANYWAY Pan's kinda how I now know a lot about cartoons and the industry and such. I'm a bit grateful about that.
So I'm a bit pissed at all the stuff coming out recently. All we see nowadays are reboots, reboots, reboots. They've always been there, but there's too many of them these days, and too many of them are just "meh" at best. Can we PLEASE have some variety here, or at least some kind of effort? Sure, movies do reboots too, but I'm going to focus on TV shows, especially Cartoon Network's cartoons, because they've been churning out reboots these days.
Okay, so the main reason why reboots like the new Powerpuff Girls and the new Ben 10 exist is for the MOOOOOOOOOOOONEY. I guess CN saw that these shows made bank during their original run and decided to bring it back so parents could buy merch for their kids. (Or at least that's what I got out of Pan's review on the PPG reboot.) For the Powerpuff Girls reboot, the merch literally came out BEFORE the show even premiered. I've seen the PPG reboot and it's definitely not worth the watch-- I don't know if they fixed it up, but in the first couple of episodes I've watched, there's unfunny lines and moments, shit pacing, and that goddamn infamous episode "Painbow" with its goddamn twerking. I've seen some of the Ben 10 reboot-- it's somewhat better compared to other reboot cartoons, but it's still "meh" to me. I haven't watched too much of the original shows they've rebooted recently, but I'd watch those over these reboots...
Okay I understand that Cartoon Network is a company and needs money, but if they're going to make reboots to sell merch, they should at least give us a legitimate reason to buy merch. The reason why people buy merch like Sailor Moon figurines and Pokémon dolls is because they like the thing associated with those merch!!!! We like the show, so we'd like to get things related to it, whether it's to support the show, or because we really wanted it or something, idk what to say. There's an actual reason to get those things. But when you make a thing like a game or show that's mediocre, why would we want the merch from it? We don't like the show, we don't care about it or care about supporting the show.
They could be doing this so parents are like "omg eye no this show iz my favorite show mayb eye shood show this 2 my kid" or something. If they're aiming for that thing, then they're just as bad as the people behind girls-for-games in the past and a lot of license games. You know, those games that were usually based off of popular shows and were made that way, so that they could trick fans into thinking an awful game could be good just cuz of the thing it's based off of. Why can't people at least try to make reboots-made-for-merch good?? There's little to no effort in some of these reboots and there's no variety-- they're all comedy-focused and they have that art style with the skinny lines and round shapes and shit... It was fine with stuff like Steven Universe and We Bare Bears, but now it's really getting annoying.
Like what Saberspark (another YouTuber) said in his video about why Cartoon Network is sucking these days, Cartoon Network has had shows that both sold well in merch and were actually good. I can't see why they can't have it that way with their reboots.

Now, in the past, I've always that all reboots were going to be awful. Sure, in my younger days, I didn't think it consciously, but after seeing Sailor Moon Crystal, I just had little to no hope left. (Don't get me wrong, I actually don't mind Sailor Moon Crystal that much compared to most reboots, but it still had its... moments.) But now I think I may have some hope in the world-- I've heard that Voltron: Legendary Defender is actually a great reboot. According to Pan (sorry man, but I do like his videos) on this video, a lot of people working on it also worked on The Legend of Korra, which is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, which happens to be one of the few shows on Nick that I actually love (the others are the first 3 seasons of Spongebob and My Life as a Teenage Robot), so already it's a plus. He also says that he never cared for Voltron, but the reboot made him learn to care about it. Even freakin' Rotten Tomatoes seems to love it-- the first season currently has a 100% on the site.
WHY CAN'T MOST REBOOTS BE LIKE THIS? I really want to watch it now!
...It's too bad that our household doesn't have Netflix anymore XD

I'm sorry if I'm not making sense, but this is pretty much rambling and my rambling always turn into nonsense in the end. I just hope no one gets bored.
I'm just a bit worried about cartoons now, because I still prefer to watch cartoon movies and TV shows stuff compared to live-action or whatever. Also because I'm considering getting into the animation industry, but eh, I haven't done much animation these days.

Okay... after spending literally over 2 hours trying to type up that weird rant
Here's some stuff I gotta say on Fantage's Mother Day event this year

obviously not my video in case u wanted to know
It seems like Fantage actually saw my rants or something, because they actually changed up that annoying u-r-put-into-a-team-and-now-u-gotta-collect-more-shit-than-the-other-team-to-get-more-shit method for this event. Thank God... it's still not impressive, but at least it's something different.
The thing with this event is that they make people wear certain Limited Items in order to pick up collectibles, or in this case, flowers, in the sky so that they can get an event item. The idea is actually not all that unique-- they've used this formula for the mini-events during the Endless Summer event in 2012, where there was always events for the entire summer. But I didn't mind it, since some of the Limited Items (if you could get it, of course) and the obtainable event items were actually kind of cool (my favorite Limited Items and obtainable event items during the Endless Summer 2012 were in the Dream Catcher event, which I actually got the Purple Limited Item and event item, and the Fantage in the Future event, which I sadly did not get cuz my membership expired I think).

But the reason why I'm still not impressed with Fantage with this was because... the Limited Items that you must buy to get the obtainable items are ONLY obtainable with Gold. If you're a fellow Fantagian and know me really, really, really well, you will know that I abhor Gold with a passion. Seriously, we did not need an eCoin clone!!!!

Why did I spend over 3 or 4 hours on this journal :iconfario-p:
Hey guys it's Farioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeyy. I've got a lot of shit to share (including some that made me piss-angry) and so I'll all throw it all at once.
Image result for spongebob
u guys know this by now but dont kill me i dont own this gif or the others i end up using TTwTT

Okay first off, I'm gonna trick ppl here by not putting the topics in the order I put it in the title and make ppl mad
...But no, seriously, first we gotta talk about the important things.

First off, let's talk about the most important thing to us deviantARTists-- deciding on what to do when your artwork is stolen.
That's right, another art theft issue, but this time it's a super big issue similar to that one time where a huge free-wallpaper site existed and did things
I'm assuming they're doing this as fast as they can (50% off, free shipping) to remove those from their shop as soon as possible.
If you are one of the victims PLEASE write an email to their domain hoster sending them all the proofs. 
They've stolen thousands of dollars by selling clothes with stolen art. They're not going to compensate the artists.
They are going to get away with all the money if we don't do anything now

reposted from sulyia

This time we got a cringeworth-ily designed... seriously visit the site, you'll cringe at the usage of "kawaii" and pastels... site that works like Hot Topic but somehow has worse of a theft problem than Hot Topic-- "Happy Monday Store". This store has stolen a lot of fan art in order to satisfy unknowing anime fans' fashion aspirations. The journal I linked to has a ton of examples, but lemme see if I can provide a few more
Evidence 1 by Fario-PEvidence 2 by Fario-PEvidence 3 by Fario-P
JackoWcastillo, your artwork is stolen!! ¡Robaron tu arte!!!
We've gotta stop these guys somehow!!!!

And uuuuhhhhhhp next, we got deviant warnings... yaaaay... :sigh: 

First up, reposted from minipotions...
<da:thumb id="677213486"/>
We have !
This person will attempt to get commissions/adopts and refuse to pay up! Be warned if they come to you during your commission sale!!!!

And second, reposted from ninpeachlover 
ban plubbsthis guy :iconplubbs: just insulted me by saying that I'm gaybo and posted this quote in his gallery
esse cara é um troll. he is doing horrible drawings and stamps full of messages of rape, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance and insulting everyone. And the worst is that nobody does anything to stop it. Please help me ban hin from this site forever
Oh! And i already blocked this guy, you should do the same.

We got a guy who reeeeeeeeeeally disturbs a lot of people. With both their art and comments. They've bothered several others too, block this guy when you can.
Here's a good idea of what they've done on their gallery... ---> Troll Alert (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Okay I really gotta talk shit about Fantage's "9th anniversary thing"
Image result for fantage 9th anniversary
Picture credit: Fantage Summer blog.

Okay first off, as if you couldn't tell from the very beginning that I've talked about Fantage's extensive history, I've been triggered at when Fantage makes these anniversary parties. Yes, as much as I cringe at the 2016 slang meaning for the word, I have been and am very much triggered. "But Fario," you might all be thinking, "You've been telling us time and time again that Fantage was released in 2008." Well, yes. That is correct, and that is correct of you guys for probably thinking that. If you guys even were thinking about that. Whatever xD.
First off, must I remind those who don't know, Fantage was not released in April 2008 like how 2014's "6th anniversary party" and this year's party implies. Fantage was conceptualized in 2007, with its' closed beta version of the game releasing on October 29th, 2007. And then, the game was open to the public on March 17th, 2008, and not in April.
One of the website's oldest official sites outside the actual game literally says: proudly announces its successful completion of the beta test and the official site launch as of March 17, 2008.
- This Fantage page*
*This page actually still exists today, but I went on the Wayback Machine to get this version since today's version of the page has all of its' graphics wiped clean.
So it doesn't matter if we're talking about first release or worldwide release, it seems that the Fantage devs somehow don't even know when their game was made.

Second, it may be cuz I've played Club Penguin (rest in pizza) first, but Fantage's anniversary parties aren't that great compared to Club Penguin's parties.
Club Penguin's anniversary parties usually start on October 24, Club Penguin's release date (already I'm a bit disappointed in Fantage lol), every year. Every anniversary party gave away exclusive party hats and party pins, which were obtainable (and wearable) by anyone regardless of a paid membership. There was no free membership for everyone during the parties, but there was always special music and special anniversary cakes. The second most memorable anniversary party to me was their 3rd anniversary, since I joined Club Penguin in 2008 and that was the first anniversary party I've attended.
Image result for club penguin 3rd anniversary party
Left is online, right is offline. WAIT, THERE WAS A CLUB PENGUIN PARTY IN NYC? WHERE WAS I WHEN THIS HAPPENED?! Anyway, picture credit: 360Kids.

...Wait, I said second. Obviously, the most memorable party was Club Penguin's 10th anniversary party, and it wasn't because of the new digit. It was because they actually brought back backgrounds and music from older parties!! Just look it up, I'm not going to spoil the fun for you ;)

Anyway, let's now compare to Fantage in their slow and small history of anniversary parties.
Fantage didn't make a single anniversary party or anything until 2014, their 6th year. A lot happened during this time, but I don't think I really got to experience any of it, to be honest with any of you. Apparently, there were live concerts in the VIP room in Top Models, Raffles in Uptown, Parades in Downtown, and the option to send gifts to friends. There were also arguably new benefits added, such as the first instance of Free Premium Membership weeks, Sun Block's purchases being free (which would eventually lead to a heavily broken exploit in the Spanish version of the game), Fantage Comet, and whatever other stuff in there that I don't honestly remember (sorry guys).
There was also an exclusive item made for the party, a white-blonde hair with a large cake (with dangerous candles and everything) on it. It was made available to Premium Members (which was practically everybody since it was the very first Free Premium Membership Week) if they bought it. With the Premium Member discount that shouldn't really exist, it was worth either 5,000 Stars or 2,500 eCoins.
Image result for fantage anniversary
Picture credit: My Fantage Info blog.

Personally, despite all the many things you could do in Fantage for their anniversary party compared to Club Penguin's annual parties, I didn't feel very involved. I found many of the things in there to be gimmicks. I didn't even get this anniversary item, cuz I didn't have enough to get it in the first place in either currency (remember, this was when Fantage started having an inflation in their later items... which doesn't make sense for a kids' MMO personally).

And if I said that I didn't feel involved in 2014, then I'd say I definitely don't feel involved this year. Which brings me to my third point about Fantage's 9th anniversary party.

Literally all there was this year was the free Premium Membership Week. By this time, I believe this was Fantage's 4th Free Premium Membership Week, so it didn't feel special anymore. It especially doesn't feel special, since whenever I was a Premium Member, I loved playing Top Models Fashion Show. This was because I had a ton of clothes from all my years of greed, as well as my sister "helping" me get clothes lool. She was upset of how greedy I got over the years, but she never overly minded because I let her dress up my user every now and then. But anyway, enough about nostalgia, Top Models sucks now because it has a recently infamous glitch where the last round will simply not trigger at all.
But seriously, there wasn't much to this year. There actually is an anniversary item this year, but the disgusting thing is that the only way to get it is to buy a promotional package. With real money. I'm serious-- that's the only way to get the item AND THE FREAKING MEDAL. Look it up-- better yet, I'll throw in a video proving this

The thing is, I guess I like Club Penguin's anniversary parties better, not only out of nostalgia for the recently murdered game, but because it didn't feel like it was trying to make me pay money to properly celebrate the game's anniversary. Really, this year's anniversary party for Fantage makes me think that the only way to properly celebrate it is to waste money, since it doesn't feel special if you don't get a proper souvenir from the event. In this case, the souvenir is the anniversary medal... which along with the item you can't get without paying a special promotional package.
You get my point here.

...God, I took so long typing this...
I literally started this journal at 7 O CLOCK PM. And now it's nearly 12 O CLOCK!!!

I sure like ranting :iconfario-p:
What, you got a better title for this journal? xD
Heeeey guyssss it's Fario.

So uh before I get to the boring parts of my life here's a bunch of distractions for you to distract yourself with

There's this new contest I'm thinking about joining. Maybe you guys should consider it...
[CLOSED] draw my ocs!! [1month core for top 3]
ends on april 30th [11:59pm PST]
[this journal will be edited and updated constantly]
synopsis: you draw my complicated charas and you might win a prize. joining requires you post your promotion journal in the comments. more info below.
prizes, because thats really all you're here for
i had a poll for this and majority of you have the competitiveness of a noodle of spaghetti :')
i might up the prizes a bit, but no promises.
first place
1 month dA core membership (or 400 points)a halfbody w/no restrictions regarding complicated charas and whatever by che-rrry 

an experimental pixel thing [no specified size or anything, probably just a headshot tho] by che-rrry a headshot from @heebhighlightera headshot from Jayda-Nyan 

second place
1 month dA core membership (or 400 points)a double headshot w/the same lack of requirements by che-rrry 

I haven't drawn digitally these days, so maybe this will be a refresher :P

Also for my fellow Fantage animators who somehow missed the most intriguing part of my last journal.
the fantage youtubers crack masterpostplease comment if these links get taken down
after effects cs6
sony vegas pro 14
sony vegas pro 13
sony vegas pro 12
sony vegas pro 11 (thanks BananaStarx)
sony vegas pro 8 (thanks Fario-P)
new blue fx for sony vegas
sapphire fx for sony vegas
unnecessary plugins
<a href="!tOpX2ZbI!sxZ_mwTysUWAU0qK4nDHPQ">

collected by everyone's new hero rosewaterr give em a nice round of applause
calling all present + future fantage animators...

also holy shit every time i re-listen to the d/p/pt soundtrack it gets better and better.

i will lose my shit if there's no remakes in this generation

So yeahhh sorry for not being able to get on the computer for a while. My sister was here and she usually dislikes it when I use the computer during her time in the house since the computer is in the same room where she stays. I really want to move the computer to my room so my sis doesn't have to be all whiny about it, but for some reason she and my brother thinks that's a dumbass idea. Sure I'm addicted to it, but at least it stops me from going all emo in front of them-- they really hate it when I get all mopey in front of them. And again, at least she doesn't have to cringe at my lonely self watching an electronic screen all day. I dunno, maybe I have some really stupid logic.
She's going to come back next month as that's when her college year ends until September or August or something. College sure sounds great when she says things, but then again I saw the same thing with her high school years and so far my high school life is probably the worst thing that I ever had to experience. Speaking of college, ever since my SAT, my dad has been giving me hell. All he will ever speak to me is "Name 5 colleges you will go to" or a variant of that. It's driving me insane and I refuse to speak to him for the rest of the day if I hear those annoying words of his mouth, because he repeats these words (or again, a variant) at least 5 times a day.
He stopped saying that after I told my mom and sister to kill me after hearing the phrase for the 6th time yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it's temporary Smiley: What? 

Anyway, I'm still on my Spring Break ^_^. I go back to school on Wednesday. It's probably like that cuz there's Easter and Passover going on, idk honestly.
I didn't do much on my break like always, but it does feel a lot more satisfying compared to my previous breaks during high school. Don't know why, it's probably cuz I got to go to Barnes and Noble. Seriously, I think that place is becoming one of my favorite shops. Anyway, my sister and I went there the other day. I wanted to get Sailor Moon manga, but of course my sister refused xD. We eventually ended up finding some official Sailor Moon charms from Bandai though A Real o.O . But sadly she couldn't even let me get any of them grrrr (they weren't even that expensive, they were less than $10 USD each...).
I was still satisfied though. At the end of our book journey, my sister got the rest of the Nicholas Flamel books she didn't have (which completed our collection of the series :D), got me a Barnes and Noble edition of the original Winnie the Pooh tales, and a 2015 edition box set containing all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We've been searching for the Avatar series for quite some time, so we were surprised to see it at Barnes and Noble in one box with a good price!!
They also had a similar box set like that, except it contained all four seasons of The Legend of Korra instead, but we've never really watched Korra and I've heard extremely mixed reviews about it. I heard amazing things mainly, but The Legend of Korra suffered within Avatar's fandom, just like how Chrono Cross does with us Chrono fans (though I think the game was just as good as Chrono Trigger) Also, I heard Nick decided to be a dick with Korra and made it hard to keep up for fans, so I feel a bit bad for the series. I'm pretty sure it must be good.

Anyway, the trip outside that day was wonderful. The weather was great and we ended up going to a Vietnamese place to eat :D. We couldn't exactly finish all of our food, but it was a great time overall and it reminded me of the good old days when I was blissfully ignorant and played all day at this playground I've known since my early years. You know, before I was all emo and stuff :sigh: 

Man, I reminisce about "the good old days" a lot like an old person... I guess this music would be great every time I do that.

sorry man, but what's wrong with d/p/pt do u wanna fight me huh huhhuhuh wannafitemeinsmash and before u ask im a gen 2 / johto person so uh yeah

Yeah, I've been feeling a bit down these days.
I don't know what I'll do after high school. Or after college if I even get accepted-- I mean, my high school grades have been mediocre compared to my middle school grades and I have refused to join any clubs. I don't know why people have always hated me during my elementary and middle school years. Could be cuz I'm annoying, but they could have at least given me a chance like a couple of my good friends have. Somehow lol.
I've had people say things that were something like "you're not a good person, you know that", including from my own family. I know I'm not a good person and will never be. I'm too greedy, selfish, and ignorant and all those other negative things. I don't think I have a single redeeming trait other than being creative and being artistically talented. I don't think those will even help me in my life other than for stress relief and my own enjoyment along with anime/manga/cartoons/comics and video games.
This sounds like a thing a person would say to get attention, but this is how I honestly think of myself. I have noted that I was feeling down earlier and I did appreciate the suggestions I got. But I feel like nothing will ever satisfy me anymore. I can't seem to stop wanting to spend money on things that my family doesn't like. Other than maybe Pokémon remakes and a few others, I've lost hope in most possible remakes/reboots/nostalgia-revivals/etc. of things and the overall ideas that Hollywood (or something like that) has (I say most cuz even though I've never watched the original show, the new Samurai Jack season is actually pretty good, I've been keeping up with it with my brother :)).
I've even nearly lost the hope for other companies (e.g. Nintendo, Fantage, etc.) to change from the things that have heavily impacted them in the worst way possible (e.g. Nintendo completely abandoning loved fandoms that could have another chance, Fantage making some awful events and changes to the game overall, etc.).

It feels like ever since high school (or perhaps, since 5th grade) started, I have pretty much changed for the worse. And I probably won't ever change. There's times where I don't even know why I exist if I'm such a despicable and boring person. ...Is this an existential crisis or something?
sorry for the depressing journal guys, but i really needed to get some of these things off of my chest.
Image result for spongebob something smells
...sorry if the gif ruined it for u guys, but at least it cheered me up remembering old spongebob xP
...also i dont own this gif, of course.

i really need help man. :iconfario-p:
Hey guys it's Farioooooooo. Sorry about the random lazy ass title xD.
So quite a lot of things have been happening, but let's get to the obvious elephant that was in the room first
First off, I'm sorry for not doing anything about the April Fools' thing we had yesterday
Lots of hilarious pears were out there and I appreciate 'em. Sorry for not joining in the fun like I originally planned.

So yeah, there's a lot of stuff going on.
This Wednesday is the free SAT for us high school juniors. I don't think I'll get a very good grade. However, I just took a diagnosis test at the place I go to every Sunday for SAT tutoring, and I manage to answer most of the questions this time. I'm sure there's some hope for me yet ;)
I just hope I don't get killed by my parents if I get a sucky ass score. But then again I don't know what colleges there are that I should go to and I don't know what's considered a good SAT grade lol

And also I did something kinda greedy on Friday lol.
I got to go to Barnes and Noble on Friday, and I originally intended to go get Sailor Moon books. However, I ended up making my dad pay $220 USD for 4 huge library editions of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics, a book light, and a book to help me learn Japanese. God I'm greedy. The ATLA comics are good so far though-- I've finished reading The Promise and am now reading The Search. So far, these books are definitely worth it for fellow Avatar fans :heart:
I would've posted a picture of the books, but the books are REALLY huge o.o

Oh and I got a new Spanish project. It's still noteworthy though.
This time, we have to give an oral presentation on a celebrity we know and their contributions to charity. Many people chose the typical ones you might want to write about, but of course, I went for a different approach. I don't say this very often, but I'm a huge Bollywood fan. (Bollywood is like Hollywood but for Indian movies.) Okay, not as big of a fan like my older sisters are, but still big enough that I'd know a lot of classics to recommend anyone interested.
So I decided to start my presentation on one of Bollywood's biggest movie stars (as well as one of my personal favorites), Shah Rukh Khan. Still can't believe he's gonna be 52 later this year... dude literally looks the same all these years lmao
Image result for shah rukh khan movies
don't kill me, i dont own any of the gifs (like this one) i use here... also btw this is one of my favorite bollywood quotes
He's just a great guy in general, man... he's really charismatic in both his movies and outside of them :heart:.

In the wise words of Her Sassiness ixRika, "hot"
So anyway, yeah, wish me luck guys xD

And now onto some real news...

Okay, can we just talk about Fantage's sucky ass party this year? In the past we got a ton of great April Fools' parties... here's just a few of 'em
2011 - [link]
2012 - [link]
2013 - [link]
2014 - [link]
Now this year... we don't get shit!!!!
2017 - [link]
It's literally only Limited Items!!!
 No upside down areas, no wacky backgrounds, no NPCs pulling tricks on the users... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

What happened to all that effort in doing crazy things to the users, including screwing up the place and putting crazy slime all over us?
Seriously, it's the beginning of the year and already Fantage sucks in events this year... step up your game!!!
I get it, no one's supporting you and you guys are losing money, yes that's a bad thing and we all get it. BUT AT LEAST TRY TO GIVE US A REASON TO SUPPORT YOU

Sigh... while that's over... How come no one puts up videos of Fantage official music?
There's like a few videos on it but that's it... meanwhile there's a shitton of Club Penguin music out and that was even before this year!!!
Oh and by the way... RIP Club Penguin. You will surely be missed.
Can't play the mobile game cuz I have no iPhone and I don't care for mobile games anyway

Anyway... back to Fantage... actually this fits in pretty well :D
So here, I'll repost a PSA that's been going around with the Fantage community
useful | fantage resourcesso. the fantage youtube community is super dead/dying. So... I've decided to make a post on dA to hopefully convince some of you guys to take up animating? I swear the dramas died (now that theres like no one left). You might not want to join because you dont have resources to take up animating,,,, but,,, dont worry because I have links to all sorts of cracks for programs. i have svp 11-14, after effects cs6, some sony vegas plugins, around 10 mouthpacks, and links to inspirational videos made by people within the fantage youtube community. I'm pretty sure theres also some overlays and transitions in there for you guys. so click here.

because now you have one less reason to not join
pls join theres like no one there
(alright, I know I'm posting this on april fools but i can guarantee that all the links work)
btw im not trying to inspire you to mak

For those of you too lazy to click on the link (or just can't cuz you can't), basically the Fantage YouTube community is practically nonexistent this year.
There's barely any collabs, Fantage Animated Series, or any activity in general. There's a few editing and LP stuff but that's pretty much it.
The PSA is meant to encourage people to animate Fantage things again, and there's a huuuuuuuge link in it to a lot of resources to help Fantagians to get into animating. I'll repost that link here too


Oh and for my fellow Fantage Animated Series stalkers who want more of them coming back
If you're wanting to make a FAS of your own, I suggest checking out that huge link I put up over there
There's also a ton of journals I made on FAS tips but they're kinda outdated and I've had complaints that they actually kinda scare people away lol. If you want to see them, come visit our group below:
:iconf-a-s-info: <-- F-A-S-Info

I'll make a new journal on something like those later, but I got two big announcements to make.

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am collaborating on a Fantage Animated Series with :iconparadign: Paradign!!
Yes, I am not joking, this is not a late April Fools' joke or anything like that. This was planned a few months ago, and we've already started working on characters and such. She's already told her subscribers about it briefly in a recent video. I know you some of you guys may have had some bitter feelings with her in the past, myself included. But I believe she has changed and I think she has a lot of potential with making a great series with me. Some of her newer Fantage Animated Series actually have some interesting bits so I really do believe she has potential to help me revive the Fantage animating community.
Yes, I really think that together we can help revive the Fantage animating community and the rise of creative Fantage Animated Series!!!!

...Ahem. Anyway... the series that we are making is a remake of one of her older series. We hope you guys will like it when it comes~. The series is called Paradise Island, and since Lizzy has improved on her storytelling skills, we found the series pretty lackluster and I wanted to pick it right up :)
I am currently planning on making a teaser trailer on it~ :D
We'd appreciate it if you guys send us fan art!! If you want to send us fan art of the series, you can send it to me in a note or send it to Lizzy by her available links (which are found at her profile). We'll feature your fan art within the series! We're also planning a section in the series where we will ask viewers questions, discuss some topics addressed in the series, and even give out shoutouts!! Again, we hope you guys come by and watch!
To Paradign: I'm sorry if you didn't want me announcing this early or in this way. I just thought it'd be good to get some early promo for the series since I have a lot of people who watch me and I thought they'd like to know :heart:. Oh and also, I would like to know you more as we work on the series :)

And now... SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am planning on making a tutorial series for fellow Sony Vegas users on making Fantage Animated Series!!
As you can guess by just looking at this journal, I love seeing new Fantage Animated Series, regardless with what they were animated with or what clichés they have. I'm thinking about making a tutorial series to encourage people to make FAS as well as teaching a few story and animating tips!! I've had a lot of experience with SV8, so I think my expertise will be of help to somebody out there.
Small announcement compared to the first one, but still, it's a noteworthy announcement :)

so uhhh yeah i guess that's really all i have to talk about lol
i've said what i've wanted to say
now uhh here ur pic of the day i guess idk

idc if theyre married to other ppl srkajol forever :heart::heart:

I'm evil. :iconfario-p:
Hey guys Fario here :heart: And I'm 17 years old now Blush

There were a lot of birthday wishes given to me on my birthday, but I didn't reply.
Sorry about not acknowledging them ^^;

Well let's take the time to do that shall we Excited Blush
So here are the people that gave me lovely birthday wishes three days ago
:iconstarfighterb::iconneutrinoflavor: <-- these two are my bday twins haha
(Sorry if I didn't get you!! :heh'': )

And of course I got a few presents xD
First off, the deviantART presents Stitch bouncy wouncy plz
Happy Birthday Faria! by HanunoFario's Birthday 2k17 by Arioodle
You guys are too much Blush-Small

And I got a few irl presents.
My parents gave me $100 (I don't remember the last time they did that in all honesty), my second-eldest sister (and her hubby and their daughter) gave me three things (a tumbler, a lanyard, and one of those bags you bring for sleepovers) that were all Pokémon related, and my brother gave me a Fitbit Charge HR which I'm wearing rn xD
My third-eldest sister (a.k.a. the sister that Rika's "squad" knows thru Town of Salem lol) came over from college, since my second-eldest sister was having a little party (it was planned to be a slumber party, but unfortunately I have SAT tutoring on Sundays until April 9th -.-), but she got reeeeeeeally upset when she learned that there was no birthday cake for me, just like last year. I hope she's all right, she must've been really hungry for one Pikachu is not sure

I went on Neopets for the first time in... god, was it 6 years? This was the first time I logged in on my birthday, so that's how I learned that Neopets turns off ads as a birthday present. That's nice I guess
And oh god I just realized that this will be the last birthday that has Club Penguin alive ;w;
I also got on Fantage and held a birthday party like I did back when I still had membership. Except everyone can make parties now.
Barely anyone came, of course
Stitch's Dramatic conclusion
tho at least christine and serina and i had a good time screwing around there lol

So uhhh how are all of you doing xD
Sorry I don't have much to talk about this time.
Buttttt there was this meme I was supposed to do so maybe that'll be worth your time
thanks serina084

Tag 8 people you want to know better
:iconpoptropicangirlannie: :iconquinolyn: :iconanjoex: :iconbxmoon: :icondoodlesoul: :iconwitchyinoriart: :iconcutepid: :icongerman-mapletea:
  • Name: Faria
  • Starsign: Pisces
  • Average hours of sleep: 6-
  • Lucky number: 7
  • Last thing I googled: OpenToonz (I'm thinking about getting it ^^)
  • When I started this account: August 13th, 2013
  • Amount of watchers: 579
  • What do I post: Variety, usually anime-style or Fantage art
  • Do I run any more blogs: No
  • Do I get a lot of comments: Depends
  • Why did I choose this username: The story behind the nickname in my username atm is a long story... let's just say it's ixRika's and nermii's fault, how's that sound...
Sorry if you got tagged, you don't hafta do this xD

This is an awkward way to end the journal... :iconfario-p:
Hey guyssss its Farioooooooooo.
So I admittedly forgot that there was the Valentine Exchange this year even though though there's one every February lmao

So for those of you who are new or don't know
The Valentine Exchange is where deviants can post valentine related deviations for others to secretly send to their valentine
Look people made a bunch of em already:…

Well when I first joined I got lazy and put random edits everywhere lol
And last year I made some actual stuff but I'm not sure if anyone really used them hahaha

I got an idea for what I'll personally post for the Valentine Exchange, but I thought I would do something a bit different this year... I think I'll work with someone to make something for this.
You heard saw that right, I will open collabs with people who want to make a valentine deviation :D

I'm not going to make reserved slots for this, but here are some simple rules
  1. I guess I will collab with anyone but I do prefer collaborating with friends, so if you're a friend of mine you have higher priority
  2. I can either draw, pixel, or do Fantage themed (if we do Fantage theme I prefer to use Fantage's official characters, especially ones that hardly get any spotlight)
  3. Sorry, no furry/nudity/etc. stuff, I'm just not into those things
  4. We will converse in notes if I accept. We can either make one valentine for my page, or one for each of our pages.
Yeah I guess that's it

As for the Fantage themed valentines, that's what I did last year and a few people liked them, especially the Orion one lol
Here they are in case you want to know what they look like and if you want to maybe do that
Fantage - Orion Valentine's Day Card by Fario-PFantage - Valentina Valentine's Day Card by Fario-P
However I haven't done custom Fantage edits in a long time so sorry if I suck ass at it ^^;

So uhhh I hope people notice this and maybe want to collab

And here's something from me for your daily nostalgic needs.

good old days by Fario-P
Ahahahaa I haven't pulled out my "awesome official guide" to Club Penguin like this in ages
Here's your last relic of the Iceberg before Disney melts it for good

"Waddle On." :iconfario-p:
Hey everybody, it's Farioooooooooooooooooo :D (Big Grin) 
Sorry it's been a super duper long time since I've done a journal. That means I got a ton of stuff to say to make up for not posting that much these days Sweating a little... 

Image result for bottle fairy
as always these anime gifs or whatever else gifs i put here i dont own em pls dont kill my ass

So first things first, three things to note for my fellow Fantagians.

First up we got a Fantage birthday party WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
taykeira is making a party for oldiealien (best known as Weepygigi on YouTube) who will turn 15 this year. hooray for fellow february buddies
Here's the info for lazy people who somehow can't see the pic:
  • Server: Banana Barracuda (backup: Orange Monkey)
  • When: Saturday, February 11th, 2017 at 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time (6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time / Fantage Standard Time)
  • Location: in the Castle
I'll try to come so why not coming... I'll try to wear the oldest shit I have possible.

Second up are those Fantage drawing requests I did earlier.
I'll try to finish those though I don't feeling working on them right now since I'm getting a bit of artist's block figuring out what the pics should look like. In the meantime, here's the list of requests as a refresher for me:
  1. :iconelysii-an: - Elizabeth, Victoria  (FA) Why not buy something? by Fario-P
  2. :iconmyst3ric: - Kawaii  (FA) Making some new friends by Fario-P
  3. :iconduckieemie: - Gizmo, Orion
  4. :iconarioodle: - Michelle
  5. :iconcutepid: - Molly
  6. :iconspiritcloudl: - Ice Fairy, Scooter
  7. :icondqisyy: - Stella, Bella
The little "prize" I'm planning might be different, I got no ideas rn xD

Third up is the need to address the lack of Fantage community-ish things.
What happened to all the contests?
Fan art? All of that? Where'd it all go?????
Image result for mario party luigi
I'm thinking about reviving the Fantage Fair Competitions I held in :iconfantage-fever-city: but I got no ideas for themes since my ideas are the ones everyone gives up on.
There is one idea a friend thought up but I'm confused about it. Here's the journal of that if you're interested
QuestionI noticed the fantage community hasn't really had any edit contests recently, and I had an idea for one (I actually tried to do this back at the clubhouse before I had a Deviantart account but it didn't work)
I watch skin wars on GSN, it's a body painting show, and I thought maybe I could try one in fantage form? I don't know where to find any episodes, you'd/I'd have to look.
EDIT : I found episodes of season 1 on youtube. It's not the best quality but you might be able to get what I'm trying to do here 
Also it's on netflix. All 3 seasons
How it would work
It's one of the elimination type contests, one person being eliminated after each competition
We need probably at least 8 people to join, but preferably more than 8 ;^;
At least 1 or 2 judges, 3 would be nice
I'd like to try doing this, I think it'd be fun ;^;
Comment if your interested and maybe give some suggestions ;^;

I'm also thinking about maybe holding a contest related to drawing official Fantage NPCs. But only if ppl ask
man youtube no longer has fantage drawing contests for about 5 years its very sad

I feel like I need to update on real life updates.
Princess Peach icon  So here's a section for that I guess  Princess Peach icon 

I'm pretty a bunch of you guys know already and are sick of me gushing about it, but on the first couple of days on December 2016, a special showing for the 15th anniversary of Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away was made all over America. I ended up going to the theaters to watch it on December 8th for the English dub, since my nephew loves Studio Ghibli and I want him to also know more English. Spirited Away was a beautiful movie, of course, and I enjoyed my time there :heart:
Image result for spirited away
Fun fact everyone probably knows: Spirited Away is still currently the highest grossing animated film in Japan.
Man everyone loves this film xD

Yesterday on the bus ride home, I lost the stylus that came with my Nintendo 3DS ever since I bought it almost 5 years ago.
Of course I cried, I got no life and am pretty pathetic, I know leave me alone before you go point me out for it geez...
Image result for usagi tsukino
It doesn't help since that's almost exactly how I lost my DS stylus many many years ago xD
I ended up getting a replacement for it today, it was a screen protector kit. It sucks that the screen protectors were for the 3DS XL tho TT__TT
I guess I should've read it more correctly before buying it, but hey, 2 new styluses and a new screen wipe thing to clean the screens with, still alright with it, it was only 8 bucks after all Cutie Shrug 

My second term of my junior year also started yesterday, so imma talk about that a little bit
First off my schedule kinda sucks imo... you got periods 1-8, which means I have to get off the bed at 5 am, try to get to the bus by 6 am, and get at school before 7:15 am. And it's not even Daylight Saving Time yet, so when I get out of the house it's REAAAALLLY dark xD. Luckily for that I get to get a car ride to school until March, since my mom's worried about me getting out when the sun's not there
Also, cuz I failed both gym and health once, I had a gym class and a health class last term, but now this term I have two different gym classes. What sucks about that is that the periods aren't directly next to each other (I have English in between the two gym classes), which means I end up taking off my gym clothes twice instead of... well you know, maybe wear my gym clothes the whole time and end up saving time when I need to get to the next gym class... idk
Second, I'm a bit scared about Pre-Calc this term. I saw the grading policy he gave out, and it looks an awful lot like this teacher would be like my Latin teacher, with all the strict punctualness and all that jazz... what's worse is that today in class I literally had no idea what he was talking about, so I feel like this is going to be a very very long term since I reeeeeally hate this unnecessary Pre-Calc thing. seriously tho y does pre calc exist?! its practically alegbra but more unneccesarily complex!!!!!!!!
Third, probably the worst part, is the fact that my friends and I all have different everythings this year. Different period schedules, different lunch timings, and literally no same classes!!!
That means we can't gamble with Luigi and cook with Cooking Mama anymore :( (Sad) 
Image result for luigi casino
no seriously tho, luigi having his own casino is probably the best thing about these mario 64 ds/new mario bros minigames Luigi won a trophy

UPDATE!!! I can't believe I published this journal without mentioning this!!!
Okay so how many of you remember Club Penguin? ...okay i can see that not many of you
well for those who have no idea club penguin is this mmo i played before fantage where u become a penguin and somehow do jetpacking and eat pizza and all that great shit
and like all mmos club penguin has turned to shit in the last couple of years (i'd say after 2012 was when they turned really bad... like fantage......)

Well that's important cuz Club Penguin is shutting down on the end of this March!!!!!!
Image result for club penguin closing
That's not my thing btw I don't have a twitter xDDD

So yeah, looks like Club Penguin has wrecked all of Disney's past MMOs... first ToonTown, then Disney Fairies, and now Club Penguin themselves.
It's kinda sad that Club Penguin will now be a mobile thing even though Club Penguin has really been suffering these past years.
So yeah there's an end-of-game event going on right now, old school Club Penguin ppl come on in!

Oh and speaking of suffering... OUR SUFFERING HAS FINALLY ENDED. THE ICEBERG HAS TIPPED!!!!!!!…
For those who don't know, there was this trend on Club Penguin to try to tip the Iceberg, which is a place that sounds exactly as it sounds. What people did was often dance on one side or use the Hard Hat and dance to drill into the ice. Nothing happened despite the website themselves constantly trying to hint it, but now they've finally made the long-wished easter egg a thing for this party.
You get a special item if you manage to tip it! I ain't spoiling it unless u clicked on that website link I put on but man I feel old.

soooo yeah
that's all the noteworthy things to note about so far
and here's your random shizzles for the day

first shoutout thing idk
+ Lukah + by videur
i cryin dis beyotiful Jontron Echmote - TENOUDDATEN here ur shootutx m8

also random gif pic static thing idk
Image result for fantage memes
again i dont own this pic and the others

...why is there so much Luigi in this journal... :iconfario-p:
You guys are probably wondering why I was quiet for a week. Well my brother thought I was obsessed with dA so he hit me with a ban for a week. Managed to live through it successfully, I didn't even try to sneak in an incognito window, Town of Salem and my games I guess saved me there lol
Butttt: Fantage requests are still open! But I will kinda put them on hold since that week off actually cured some of my art block.
Also I got Pokémon Moon from my sis. Apparently she pre-ordered it as an early b-day present. (Thanks sis xD)
And I picked Popplio if you were wondering.
I noticed I usually pick Water types lol

Anyway, onto the main attraction!!!

Stolen from :iconthepinkmarioprincess:

  1. You started to play video games at the age of...? 5 years old. Probably since I had some kind of reading ability idk
  2. First game you ever played? Pokémon Silver for the Game Boy Color.
  3. First console you owned? My Nintendo DS Lite! It was Polar White. It's now the Blue and Black color, but idk if it's a new DS or the same one with a reskin since we kinda broke ours lol. The Touch Screen is completely broken now and it barely stays on for more than 10 minutes last time I checked.
  4. Consoles you own/owned? Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
  5. Your favorite genre(s)? I think I like the RPG genre a lot lol
  6. Favorite game character(s)? Uhhh there's too many of em! AAAAGH
  7. Which element(s) in games is/are most important for you (story, graphic etc.)? Probably story, to keep me hooked, and gameplay, so that I don't go raging over bad controls. And also to actually have fun xD.
  8. You don't care about...? Uhh I never really thought DLC was important, if that even counts xD
  9. Prefer PC or Console? I don't have a personal preference, sorry!!
  10. Okaaay nao your 3 Fav games? Uhhhh... Pokémon SoulSilver, Chrono Trigger, and uhh... Rune Factory Frontier I guess? lol
  11. 3 Games you didn't like... Idk why I got this Monopoly game for the DS but it was really forgettable... and then uhh I'll be honest I didn't really like Scribblenauts too much... and I got Story of Seasons the other day, I kinda got bored of it really quickly but I'll at least give that game another chance.
  12. One game that's totally overrated in your opinion? Don't get me wrong, I love Super Smash Bros. Melee, but the newer Smash games are pretty fun too... you guys need to chill out
  13. Ever played an online game, if yes which one(s)? Of course lol. When I was younger, I used to go on (which is now defunct and will go to a Barbie website or something instead), and when I got into my later years, I played Fantage and Club Penguin. Because my siblings want me to get over Fantage because I keep wanting it to get better even though I diss it, they want me to try new things, so now I'm playing Town of Salem and MapleStory.
  14. What do you think about ...Tomb Raider? What the hell is that?
  15. ...Tetris? Ehh I don't mind it
  16. ...Sonic? Sorry, I don't wanna be that person to say this, but honestly, the fandom killed it for me, especially with my nephew hurting my ears with the Sanic theme lol. Besides I'm not really good at being fast lol
  17. ...Spyro? Funny enough, my siblings went to the recycling center to get rid of one of our broken TVs and got Enter the Dragonfly for the GameCube xD. They're all right
  18. ...The Sims? Kinda used to like watching my sisters play it when I was younger. Not sure if I'd actually want to play it now though
  19. ...Legend of Zelda? I know Wind Waker through and through, but I'd like to actually play a game from there some day :)
  20. ... Assassin's Creed? Not really tbh
  21. GAME OVER!!! ah shit
  22. Game(s) you'd love to see? Impossible choices, but a new Shadow Pokémon RPG spinoff and Super Mario Galaxy 3 would sound pretty interesting.
  23. Game(s) you're waiting for at the moment? Not really to be honest

Cuz I'm a nice person I won't force anyone to do this
But then again the person I stole this from didn't either
so uhhhh

just thought that was worth noting :iconfario-p:
Hey guys Fario here :heart:. Again it's been a while so imma leave a lil life update before we get to our main topic
So these days I've been sleeping at around 3 am xDDD. It's because I sneak around to play Pokémon SoulSilver lol, I'm already up to the part where you have to get Lugia
Also I finally remembered to reset my Pokéwalker and now I'm bringing that along with my 3DS to school everyday.

(psst i dont own the image, its from bulbapedia lol)
For those who don't know, the Pokéwalker is a pedometer that came free with every copy of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. What you can basically do is transfer a Pokémon from your HG/SS copy to your Pokéwalker and be able to actually walk around with the Pokémon, similar to how the actual games this thing came with do. Every 20 steps gains you a Watt, in which Watts can be used to get Pokémon (using the Poké Radar, named after one of my favorite Pokémon Key Items) and items (using the Dowsing option, based on the Dousing Machine Key Item). I guess you can call this or the Pokémon Pikachu step counters (which probably inspired the Pokéwalker) Pokémon Go before Pokémon Go haha xD.
I actually love this device a lot, not just because of the obvious being able to walk with your Pokémon, but because it slightly reminds me of those Tamagotchis people used to have and the fact that this also is beneficial for you and your Pokémon. Your Pokémon can actually level up one level (with each step = 1 EXP) and also gain happiness, and like Pokémon Go when it came out, it encouraged people to walk... or at least for me, because I didn't see anyone having this on them sadly :(. I wish more Pokémon games-- heck, even other Nintendo franchises-- had something like this, but with Pokémon Go, I guess not...
Funny enough, while getting the image here, I found this article about the Pokéwalker. I found it kinda interesting to see researchers actually find the Pokéwalker to be beneficial considering it's a video game related accessory as well xD.


I've noticed how the Fantage community has been pretty dead these days, especially on this website
I put up the Fantage-Fever-City Secret Santa everyone wanted but only one person entered so far lol, it's here if u wanna see

So I think I'll do a little thing to hopefully spruce the community up ;P
I remembered how Mango-AKI used to make these fabu Fantage drawings sometimes lmao, every Fantage deviant went crazy over these

Mature Content

I hope Fantage doesn't find this by Coxinha-chan
<da:thumb id="526789209"/><da:thumb id="526971452"/>
These are nothing too serious compared to most of dA's mature content ROFL so if u wanna find out go clicky idk
wouldn't recommend it if ur really really young, like the young type who aren't allowed to be here, or if u nosebleed tho lol

So I wanna draw some official Fantage characters too :meow:
I mean, I don't wanna always do Fantage edits since I'd like to see some new people try to do better than me (i mean just look at ShiroPanrose's gallery hory shetttttt! also hbd dear <3), I'd like to improve my drawing skills but I'd like to showcase some of the interesting characters Fantage has made over the years.
Fantage sucks now but I mean come on it was my 4th-grade-child-hood or smtg like that so it's kinda hard to let go even tho i quit making fantage vids xD

I'll open up rqs for ppl who are somehow interested cuz i got no ideas lol
So again, I'm gonna open requests for drawings involving Fantage's official characters.

Here's a super long list of the official Fantage NPCs I know of so far, in case you don't remember who I'll accept
Regina/Comet Candy (Comet Co.)
Captain Cody (superhero)
Aimee (Downtown resident)
Michelle (Le Shop owner)
Zack (Michelle's boyfriend)
Stella, Bella, Stella and Bella's mom (Stellar Salon co-owners)
Sean, Zoe (Top Models)
Molly (Star Café)
Gizmo (Q-Blast)
Officer Russell (Uptown guard)
Michael (Loco Boardz)
Victoria (Vintage/Trade n Sell/Vintage Gold)
Sophia (PM Boutique)
Static (IDfone Shop)
Clara (Ottoman's)
Kawaii (Sun Block)
DJ Breeze (Palm)
Ellie (The Island)
Maurice (Pet Farm)
Jester, Serena (Fortuneteller), Raj (Card Quest), Leo and Angelo (Face Paint) (Carnival)
Jamie (Club House)
Elizabeth (Castle Realtor's)
Orion, Tabitha (Wizards Domain)
Lily, Serendipity (Grotto)
Lucky Bob (Lucky Bob's Trading Post)
Ms. Red/Agent Scarlet, General Gopher, Archie the Fox (Mission Center)
Dr. Finkelstein, Peg Leg Pete, Jean, Cindeline (villains)
Rokk, Jenneva (Wizard Party 2009)
Valentina (Valentine's 2010)
O'Brien the Leprechaun (St. Patrick's events)
Santa Claus (Christmas events)
Yeti (Snow Day minigame)
Prince and Princess of Rosalia (Royal Ball 2013)
Scooter, Nightshade, Parsley (Unicorns)
Ice Fairy, Forest Fairy (A Very Fairy Feast)

If you must know my favorites, they're basically the ones no one remembers-- Molly, Static, Clara, Elizabeth, and Lily.
I also wish characters like Valentina and Rokk and Jenneva were used more :(

I'll also allow requests specifically relating to an event Fantage released in the past
I'll open up only 7 since it's a lucky number and it's not too much to work with ;P
  1. :iconelysii-an: - Elizabeth, Victoria  (FA) Why not buy something? by Fario-P
  2. :iconmyst3ric: - Kawaii  (FA) Making some new friends by Fario-P
  3. :iconduckieemie: - Gizmo, Orion
  4. :iconarioodle: - Michelle
  5. :iconcutepid: - Molly
  6. :iconspiritcloudl: - Ice Fairy, Scooter
  7. :icondqisyy: - Stella, Bella
If you request here I'll do something nice for you :heart: Maybe a free fantage edit, who knows, I'll ask you xD
Comment your request on the journal. If it's not inappropriate and I can actually draw it I'll pick yours and draw it, as well as doing that aforementioned extra thingie :)
Only requirement other than obvious other ones? They gotta be Fantage official characters or other actual Fantage related stuff. No OCs, sorry

Hopefully someone will actually suggest something to cure my art block
if u dont know if ill approve just ask :)

I've already given shoutouts to two Fantage deviants so I'll be fair and show off some Fantage works I like that were just posted
[[ Stupidity's Christmas Contest 2016 ]] by xEvexCookiersx Fantage Contest Entry by MichyDaNoobFantageC2U // Bangs // pigtails, ponytails by ADkingdomFantage We're Back by GothicRainbow123

idk :iconfario-p:
Hey guys Fario here :)
I realized I haven't done a proper journal entry in a long time, so why not...
in case someone's interested at looking in ;)

I don't really celebrate Halloween due to religion so we're not allowed to wear costumes, but I'm thinking about pretending I'm wearing one so I don't look boring or smtg idk rofl.
I have this really long dark blue coat and a pair of really dark blue colored jeans I like, so I can just wear those on Halloween and pretend I'm Wes from Pokémon Colosseum without his Snag Machine xDDDD.
I told my friend about it and told her to bring a yellow shirt or something, and pretend to be Athena from Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies since she's taking AP Psychology and loves Ace Attorney xDDDD
Image result for athena cykes

Anyway so here I go...

First thing up on the list of thingys worth talking about I guess.
So last week or something, I don't remember the date hahaha, something kinda happened.
I have the same Spanish teacher as I did last term, so yeah I got the same bitchy whiny teacher who can't teach for shit hahahaha

So she saw me doodling in class and acted like a big deal. (I mean, I've doodled in her class before AND SHE NEVER NOTICED... I thought I had no eyesight despite my glasses, but...)
She was on me and asked what I was doing. She was grabbing my doodling book, and I didn't like how she was doing that so I snatched it away from her.
She found me rude and was calling me stuff that would make anyone feel like shit or smtg

idk i'm a living kyubey now when it comes to these kinds of things idk
Image result for kyubey meme

So she was calling me selfish that I wasn't doing any of the work I was asking and that I was rude and needed to be more "sociable" or something like that. I found that a little funny. Maybe cuz I'm weird and possibly have a slightly sadistic sense of humor, but I found her "insult" about me being rude a little ironic, especially the way she was snatching at my book earlier.

Sure, I am selfish. I can get pretty rude to the point of nastiness. I'll admit it. I seem to think about myself sometimes when I get lonely in order to make myself feel better. I seem to fend for myself at times and not care much about anything or anyone else. I do get a little piggy when it comes to shopping for stuff I want like games lmao. I don't easily share my things (especially since many of my "sharing" has gotten me into trouble, whether it was the parent type of trouble or the tearful "I lost it!!!!" trouble). I do believe Homura did nothing wrong, since I can see what she did was selfish but was definitely justified in my eyes since I could relate to it if I were her. So I didn't take much to that insult. But hearing my Spanish teacher calling me "rude" just felt kinda ironic to me for her case.
I mean, most of the class isn't even actually Spanish. I almost never learn anything in the class, and no, that's not because of me constantly drawing. Actually, that's why I'm drawing there in the first place-- so I don't sleep from being bored from doing nothing. I have never slept in school... until last year when I had her. Either almost nothing is actually taught in "Spanish class" or she jumbles her lessons so bad that I have no idea what's going on and therefore do nothing, and because of that I actually fell asleep a few times. These days I've also been kinda sleepy due to me sleeping so late, so I'm trying to fix my sleep habits, but I still feel as lethargic as Konata regularly does.

What actually is "Spanish class" is 25% stuff I've learned from other Spanish teachers before, and 75% either gossip or random chats, idk.
And so the class ends up being something more like this imo
Image result for school teacher memes
Sure, random chats are kinda okay, but if you're not gonna teach your subject properly, I personally find it a little worthless... I know I sound really nerdy or something but if it's a language then I'm legit interested to learn it, especially these days where I kinda appreciate them more than I do than I did when I was a kid. idk. And when I say "gossip", well it shouldn't even be called gossip since she's talking shit about the people in front of them-- yes, you saw that right. She talks shit about her students, even if they're right in front of them. She says stuff like we're too lazy (sure that might be true but hearing this every day gets freaking annoying) and can't do anything right and blah blah blah like that. And everyone just laughs it off like it's nothing.
I know I'm those people sometimes after years of hearing shit like "You're weird" (though it's true lol), just laughing cuz I'm used to it. And I know I shouldn't be feeling bad for the others for being called shit like what she says, but when you hear her talking like that nearly every day, it gets tiring and pointless to hear and straight up... well... rude.

I'm surprised they let her even be a teacher when she straight up admits she hates kids and never wants a single one of her own rofl
But I didn't want her to start yelling like she did last year when I talked back, so all I said was "Okay" to every single insult she made at me.
The classmates heard it, with some returning snickers at me, but it didn't seem she heard it itself because she went on and on.

Why am I pointing this out?

Because today when I was going to my first class of the day, I heard someone talking about me.
Didn't know who it was and I didn't care, but I knew who they were talking about when I heard "you see that girl over there?" and "and she just kept saying 'okay' like it was nothing".
I don't think I've ever been talked about like that before, and I'm not sure if I should like it since I thought they were putting me in a positive light there.
Idk, and idk why i felt like talking about this, just thought it was a thing that needed to be said :)

Here's the second and last thing probably worth talking about (well I don't remember anything else that I should talk about, and it's getting late anyway so I really need to end this quick), and it might be the longest thing on here lmao.
It happened two days ago. Well actually, I might as well start the story from Friday.

Last week, I've been a bit adventurous. I've heard for years that there was a Starbucks near my school, but I never found it. But my friend helped me find it last week.
It was nice too, because not only was the Starbucks farther than I thought, there was a bubble tea place just by it (the place is called "Jupioca"). The place actually is known for also making these weird drinks, which I want to call smoothies, but they're not exactly that, I'd call them health drinks since they're usually made out of vegetables. I feel tempted to try one of those actually lol, but for now I might as well just get some bubble tea there. I tried a black tea drink there, and I haven't had a bubble tea this good since that place near my middle school :D

What was even better was that I remembered that I had actually been to that specific area before, so I remembered that there was a GameStop nearby.
There's two GameStops I can go to pretty easily these days: one that was on the way home on my first bus route, and second was this one. It had an interesting selection of stuff, and on Friday that GameStop was where I ended up getting this card relating to this

Funny enough, I didn't watch this video before getting the card, so I was totally confused when I saw info like this at a sign at the GameStop lol
Basically right now they're giving away Volcanion (apparently "Legendary" Pokémon are now "Mythical" Pokémon... that sure won't get confusing for me... //sighs) from the 10th until Halloween pretty much. It's worldwide as far as I know, and in my area you can find a card that has a code for a free Volcanion for your copy of X/Y/OR/AS at GameStop. (I believe it's also at some other place as well for Canadians and other countries... idk just look at the comment section for the video they're better at explaining this)

So I picked a card up. I didn't get anything for my sister's REALLY late birthday so that's her present from me there lol.
The first thing I thought when I saw this Pokémon on the card was that it looked like a donut.
And they're giving away free Keldeos this month or smtg if you connect wirelessly, and I remember that Pokémon as well as the movie it starred in... but looking at it again all I can think of is a sword fighting My Little Pony. lol

Anyway, that GameStop had one of the best selections I've seen in any other GameStop.
Well, DS games personally speaking. Yes, I was looking for a DS game. Ever since I lost my copy of Pokémon SoulSilver a few years back I've been looking at every GameStop I can for a pre-owned copy, but no freaking luck. So I was looking for SoulSilver, and if they happened to be there, I'd also try to get the DS port of Chrono Trigger (funny story, when I was younger we lived somewhere else that was near this game store. When I went to get Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, they had Chrono Trigger there and I was really tempted to get it lol. Wish I did get that game back then, but Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia still was a fun play, even if I could never get Nintendo WFC working at our place to get special missions :(. I did get one special mission, but that was from a friend's house, who funny enough was someone we actually had Nintendo WFC working for, so that was a little ironic...) and The World Ends With You (which I hear is a really good Square Enix DS game whose main character later appeared on Kingdom Hearts a few years back. I've seen a little gameplay footage, looks difficult but interesting).
Unfortunately the GameStop did not have any of those three games, but they did have a few copies of Kingdom Hearts Recoded and 358/2 Days there. I've been interested in Kingdom Hearts since I saw my cousin play the original during one visit when I was very, very little, and especially more when I played the demo for Dream Drop Distance just barely when it released on the eShop, so I clearly want to get into Kingdom Hearts sometime. I've asked a friend, che-rrry, what KH game I should probably get first when I do get started, so she'll be there to fill me in on anything I can't understand haha
Anyway, when I mean best selections, I mean DS games I've actually either heard of or played a little and wanted back then (or still secretly kinda want lol). They had Super Mario 64 DS for a crazy price, freaking Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Darkness, AND Sky, yes there were ALL there, the underrated Pokémon Trozei, Mario Kart DS (of course lol), Mario Party DS, and so on. Some crazy high prices, some low prices I never expected, you get the gist. It made me wonder how much the original owner had to pay for these games originally.

So since I only went to GameStop to check it out, I had no money, and if I wanted to buy something, I'd have to go there again with some cash. And I did on Monday.
I asked them if they had SoulSilver, but they didn't... kinda typical, but then they quickly said the other GameStop I mentioned earlier actually had a copy. I got a little excited and went over there after one last inspection at the DS shelf. I had never been to that GameStop before, even though I saw it on the way on the bus home many many times.
And man, was I in for a surprise.
That GameStop actually had a BETTER selection than the one closer to my school. There was a lot more DS and 3DS games there and such (there was even the aforementioned Dream Drop Distance game there!!), and the DS shelf actually had a few rare finds. I found the first two Phoenix Wright titles (which became out of print wayyyy before the DS line ended, so that made them even rarer) and Ace Attorney Investigations, for surprisingly low prices, at the shelf. There was New Super Mario Bros (who I wanted because that and SM64 DS had one of my favorite Single-Card DS Play experiences ever: the Minigames :D), many of the same games that the other GameStop had, and a few interesting finds, such as a few games relating to learning other languages, and some Disney ones, and stuff like that. I'll basically just come to this GameStop then lol.

But when I checked the DS shelf again more carefully, I was in for an even bigger surprise.
Image result for say what cat

Funny enough, a copy of The World Ends With You WAS IN THERE. Immediately I got excited, but I wanted to know about SoulSilver first.
I checked the counter and asked, and they still had their copy. They went to the side, peeked at a drawer, and picked up the copy. But the price was ridiculous. I remember getting my copy at Toys R Us years ago for about maybe 20-30 bucks, but this pre-owned copy just proves that HeartGold/SoulSilver are probably the best Pokémon titles/remakes or smtg, because that copy was 50 BUCKS. I am not shitting with you right here. That game was literally 50 bucks, showing how pretty valuable the game got over time, despite that us non-Japan countries got screwed over with our copies' Game Corner because of freaking PEGI... I mean, I'm a huge Gen 2 fan and even beat both the original Silver for the GBC and my original SS copy, so I know how great the Johto games are, but that price was crazy expensive and I don't recall any other DS game in any game store I've been into, even pre-owned copies, being that damn high lmao
Because I saw that some pretty rare games were here, as well as the 2 DS games I wanted the most at the moment, I decided to take a risk and ask if they had Chrono Trigger. They looked at me as if they never heard of it before, and that was a normal reaction for me-- see, Chrono Trigger was extremely popular with older people and those who were either RPG people or people with a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or both, considering Square got huge on that console), but these days, no one I know has even HEARD of the game before.

But I was in for a shock when they made this face and went over to the same counter where they picked up that SoulSilver copy.
I couldn't believe it-- this was the GameStop that would probably be the closest to me at this point, and they had ALL THREE OF THE GAMES I was looking nearly every nook and cranny for. Of course, I couldn't afford any of those games, so I ended up coming back yesterday with a shitton of cash to buy all three of them at once lmao. I was that insane.
As I was going home from the GameStop on Monday, waiting for my second bus, I was telling my close irl friend about how insane I was and that I couldn't wait for the next day. She got a little worried when I told her about the prices and even offered to buy them for me lmao. Of course I wouldn't accept that offer hahaha... she got even more worried when I said I literally wanted the next day to come so much that I wanted to chop my head in half or smtg rofl

So yesterday I got em. All three of those games. I know, a bunch of money wasted on what I could've used for Pokémon Moon (but my text with my sister two days ago when I talked about the GameStop visit seems to tell me I'll be getting that game either way or another ;))) ), but I don't care and I really wanted those games more than Moon anyway (speaking of which, I downloaded the demo and played a little bit... I thought it was kinda ok so far but my other irl friend in forensics was pretty upset at how easy it was... understandable considering what i heard about x/y, but pffffffffffft).
Checked for resetting each of them, and they all seem legit to me. Since my irl friend has never seen Johto or something, I decided to play a little of SS for her today at school :heart:

So uhh those are my stories I guess
hoped you liked them or smtg lol

also when i was looking for pics i found this
Image result for that moment when meme
welp im dead :iconfario-p:
Hey guys, it's Fario!! :D
This journal is going to be something a little different (but special) this time c:

A brand new group was just made today, and it's called MakeFriends!

It's completely empty since it was made only a few hours ago or something, so I thought making a journal about it would easily spread the word about it.
I think this group will help a lot with making friends, especially for new deviants. I made plenty of friends here on deviantART, but I wouldn't mind still making more new friends, and I'm pretty sure you guys wouldn't mind as well. So I'll try to spread the word about this group the next time I find a new deviant, so maybe they can go on over there and check it out as well. :)
Here's the group icon below!!

All right! And with that started, why not make a biography about myself? xD
There's a biography folder in the group where members can post journals that are bios about themselves over there.
...Did that sound a bit redundant? I think it kinda did... haha...

Anyway, onto the biography!!!

My real name is Faria. :) I am 16 years old and in the 11th grade as of this journal's posting.
I live and was born in New York, and no, I don't think our city is the greatest in the whole entire world, like most people think we believe, but it's all right for what it has xD. I think I'm kinda shy when it gets to strangers, but once I get to know people I open up a bit, I get more friendly and get way too chatty lmao. I'm not always the nicest person in the world-- it doesn't look like it, but I swear a lot. I've tried not to swear in this whole journal in order to make newcomers a bit more comfortable. When I say I'm not always the nicest, I mean I can get pretty annoying and pretty insensitive, because I've said things in the past that I didn't realize until being told or scolded that were kinda hurtful. I'm pretty much like a child, you can say. I mean I still look like I do when I was 10, I can't really help myself lol. I hate school, and I have sucky grades these days. I would like to be an author of books or graphic novels, but that would mean taking an English major as well as having the essay part of the SAT actually being required, so I'm still afraid of that... I don't really know what I want to be, and I think I'm what some people say "insecure" at times.
But one thing people do know me for is for being creative and for being a great artist.
Art vs. Artist by Fario-P
(That's a picture of me in the middle. Don't bother clicking it if you don't want to scar your eyes xDDD)

When I first started deviantART, I mainly did Fantage art. Fantage is this MMO where you can have a chibi-inspired avatar floating on a hoverboard and make friends and all that stuff. But I have drawn stuff, with some drawings dating back to when I was 5 years old or something. Trust me, they were terrible. When I was 8 years old, they looked a little better, with me ending up drawing anime-style, but still cringeworthy. It wasn't until I was 12 to kinda get the hang of anime-style, but even so, still pretty terrible. Once I was 14 years old, my anime art looked less cringeworthy and actually presentable, so it was at that point that I felt confident enough to ask other people for critiques on my drawings (which of course were not helpful, as all they ever said was that it was good and nothing much had to be fixed lol). Ever since high school, I've brought this notebook to school and sometimes just doodle in it during class. That sounds pretty bad, and it kinda is, but it keeps me from falling asleep in class, which I've been doing for some reason these days. And that is why my mom gets me a cup of either coffee or tea in the morning, before sunrise (since I get up at 5 and it takes about 2 hours to get to school since I take the bus and they are really slow), every weekday that school is in session.

I am Bengali so I do like my typical Bengali food, but I do like trying new kinds of food from all kinds of places xD. My favorite type of food is currently Chinese, Thai, or Japanese food. Pretty much Eastern food or something like that. And no, I don't like those things because I'm a "weeaboo", (though I actually am one in a sense xD) but because their food is just so interesting and yummy... I mean, China has lo mein, spring rolls, dumplings; Thailand has tom yum, pad thai, Thai iced tea; and Japan has sushi, ramen, udon... so many great stuff! And I haven't even gotten to my favorite stuff yet xD.
I'd say my favorite food is probably... well that's kinda hard to say... I can't really choose. Some of my favorites that I've had due to my heritage are biryani (this yummy rice dish with bits of either chicken or beef around it, it's incredibly spicy for those not used to the dish though, just a warning lol), pilaf (though my mom makes it Punjabi-style ahahah... I mean I can't blame her, Bengali-style pilaf has peanuts and raisins and stuff everywhere... yeah, I usually like both of those things, but not in Bengali-style pilaf because it tastes utterly horrible xD), haleem (this delicious spicy soup-ish dish that's mainly lentils and chicken, though we usually add stuff like lime juice and fried onions to make it more flavorful), and many more.
I of course have had sushi, and my favorites so far are (keep in mind that it may depend on restaurant if you want to get these) shrimp tempura roll, crispy dragon roll, winter roll, and fried oyster roll. Don't get me started on desserts, there's so many good ones like tiramisu (a perfect love letter, in the form of a brown square-shaped cake, to coffee lovers), fried ice cream (exactly what it sounds like lol), mochi ice cream (warning: best in the summer, cuz it's EXTREMELY cold!! xD), molten chocolate cake (also known as lava cake), and so many more.
As for my favorite drinks, I love both coffee and tea, but if I really had to choose one, it's definitely coffee. You'll often find me at a Starbucks ordering a frappe with some kind of mocha-related flavor if I dare go outside, that's how much I love it xD. Tea is wonderful, of course, especially bubble tea (also known as boba tea) and Thai iced tea, which are my two favorite variations of tea. Of course, if you don't care for any of that, there's always the beloved favorite: water. :)

I also play video games. As if that wasn't easy to guess from my glasses xD.
I don't play as often as I do anymore, but I still play from time to time. Most of the time I don't play these days is because of deviantART tbh lmao. I'm just getting into making so much art and staring at everyone's lovely works. To make this extremely brief, here's a few games I'm familiar with and am fond of (I may have played them and I may not... just saying lol):
  • The Ace Attorney games.
Lovely set of visual novel games and has really memorable (as well as lovable) characters. Definitely has the one of the best video game dialogue ever with tons of references and witty lines xD. This series surprised everybody with its' simple premise: it all started with being about the adventures (and misadventures) of a lawyer named Phoenix Wright (Ryuuichi Naruhodo for Japanese audiences) as he tries to defend his clients against mainly murder charges in ridiculous cases, where hilarity ensues when cases usually get weirder and weirder, or where things get intense when the case takes it up a notch with drama. Now it's got a bunch of other lawyers as main characters, but it's okay, their personalities are just as great as Phoenix is lmao
  • The Super Smash Bros games.
Definitely one of the best multiplayer-experience-gaining series of video games ever. Super Smash Bros is always a fun fighting series that's about playing as your favorite Nintendo characters (and later with a few third-party company favorites such as Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man in the series' recent history) where it's easy to play and easy to get extremely competitive in. I grew up playing Melee first due to us having a Gamecube at the time, so that's my favorite title, but every title of the series always gleams with their own special charm. I can't play Brawl anymore sadly, due to our Wii getting too old to read our copy (in which the disc was already messed up a bit at first around two years ago or something) or something, but at least I have Melee and the 3DS copy of the latest installment (there's also a Wii U version which I personally think would be better than the 3DS version, but we don't have it sadly, I'd love to get it). And since I bring my 3DS to school everyday, there's always friends to play with, I guess xD.
  • The Animal Crossing games.
Great game to play after school, especially if you're lonely or just wanna play a casual Nintendo title that is incredibly addicting. These games take place in a town mainly consisting of a forest where talking animals lives in houses. You get to live in this town and do all kinds of things, like fishing, catching bugs, digging fossils, or just simply befriending your friendly animal neighbors. The experience gets better in New Leaf, because you actually get to be the mayor of your new town. I grew up with Wild World and still have my copy, but I haven't played it since we got New Leaf. I used to think New Leaf was less than I expected, because I loved Wild World's music more than New Leaf's music (and I still do) and probably due to 90% nostalgia, but I definitely now appreciate New Leaf even more these days, especially with its' much-needed added features, such as an alternative shop to sell your stuff when the Nooky shop place is closed (Re-Tail), bunching up multiple fruits to create fruit baskets in order to make inventory space, more love for this interesting pigeon named Brewster by opening an option to build a coffee place (which actually has an unlockable mini-game and nice stuff if you constantly go there), and much more. Again, because I mess around on deviantART too much, I forget to play New Leaf regularly, but trust me, these games are amazing.
  • The Pokémon games.
Of course, since we don't have any consoles that are not made by Nintendo, and with these bunch of games here, of course I like Pokémon. I don't like it as much as I did when I was a kid, but you can still tell I'm still fond of it. I'll look into any manga relating to the franchise, I've played some of gen 1 and gen 5, most (or all) of gens 2-4 (though I've never played Gen 6), I've watched some of the anime and some of its' movies. I've definitely heard of underrated spin-offs from the franchise, such as the Mystery Dungeon series and Pokémon Colosseum (and its' sequel Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, I've known XD more since my cousin used to have the game), and I've learned some interesting history and trivia from YouTube videos made by other Pokémon fans (such as TheJWittz and TamashiiHiroka). Heck, I had this Pikachu doll when I was a kid, carrying that doll literally everywhere I went, and I still have it-- I've only recently found it after a few years since I last had it with me. I'm a huge Pikachu fan, especially with the 3DS wallet thing and bookbag I have, which both have Pikachu on it. How much do I have to prove my love for this series about rock-paper-scissors with unique and colorful monsters with some interesting facts about them as stated in an encyclopedia you're given at the start of every game?
  • The Chrono games, which are Chrono Trigger, its' spin-off-ish Japan exclusive Radical Dreamers, and its' sequel Chrono Cross.
Since this bit is getting too long for my liking, I'll end off the list of video games worth checking out that I'm fond of with these games that literally no one knows of these days. Or at least no one in real life I've met, anyway. Yes, I've literally asked anyone I can, they don't know about these games, and that makes me a little sad xD. That's also funny, considering Chrono Trigger is considered to be one of the best JRPGs of all time, and even one of the best games of all time by many, many people. I've never actually played any of these games here, but my sister has played Chrono Trigger while my other sister has played both that game and Chrono Cross, and I've watched them play games tons of times, so that's how I know about these games (Radical Dreamers was different because I was doing some research when I accidentally stumbled upon it). As the name implies (for two of these games, anyway), these games are related to time travel, and they do it very nicely. Chrono Trigger on the SNES (also has PSX and DS ports) starts with three teens accidentally traveling to the future and learning of the world's end, hence prompting them to try and recruit others from other timelines in order to prevent it. Radical Dreamers is a Satellaview-accessible text-based game about this trio of travelers and later inspired the creation of Chrono CrossChrono Cross starts with this 17 year old boy in a village by the ocean who accidentally travels into another dimension in which he has already died 10 years prior, and he gets stuck with this girl (who's a tomboyish thief) and ends up working with her in order to get the treasure she wants the most. I'll stop it right here before my mouth spills with tons of colorful spoilers for each game. My impossible-to-get-but-keep-in-mind-if-found personal wishlist has the DS port of Chrono Trigger and The World Ends With You (which I heard is a great DS game so I kinda want it lol) on it, so if you somehow find my address, please send me one of those things cuz I know those games are impossible to find, hence the name xD.

I want to make a manga/anime list here too, where it has stuff I definitely love and would definitely recommend, but I'll try to make it shorter than the video game list lol:
  • Sailor Moon (first anime ever watched, manga is amazing and is a pioneer for modern magical girls)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (amazing anime with great mixture of cuteness and horror, also has amazing manga and spinoffs, my favorites being Kazumi Magica and The Different Story)
  • Tokyo Mew Mew (manga that got me into drawing into the style I do now, it's also got a bunch of kemonomimis for magical girls lmao)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura (first manga ever read, manga is amazing and has cute/memorable characters as well as interesting magical girl concept with magical cards)
  • Bleach (I'll never catch up!! Just got into it, nice series if you like your typical shonen anime/manga with GHOOOOOSSSTSSSSSS)
  • Detective Conan / Case Closed (Again I'll never catch up!! Mystery series with some of the funniest characters/moments I've ever seen in manga/anime lol)
  • Saint Tail (Just got into it recently, magical girl series in which the "magical girl" is more like a mixture of Kaito Kid and Sailor Moon, I like it so far :))
  • Itazura na Kiss (one of the only romance manga I actually like lol, great romcom between a klutz and a genius who somehow end up together)
  • Fairy Idol Kanon (manga only, I recommend this underrated manga for young girls! Three girls who want to be idols with some fairy magic and a few dark moments, I like a bunch!)
  • Shugo Chara! (not as crazy into it as most others who know this are, but great magical girl series about following your dreams)
  • Kitchen Princess (manga only, great story about a girl who wants to be a chef and how she brings life into a cooking school while finding some love lol)
Do note that this list does not have all of the stuff I've watched/read. Other stuff I've seen most people might not like so it's not on this list lol.

I bet this is the weirdest biography you have ever read.
Yup you're right, I'd agree lol.

Can you believe this took me over 2 hours to type up?!
Yes I started at 9 pm EDT!!!!! Now it's 11! Arrrghhhh!!!

I should probably log off now lol :iconfario-p:
Hey guys it's Fario!!!!! Bet you guys missed these xDD

So I'm just gonna post a bunch of life updates I guess.
I mean I got nothing else going on.


I haven't gotten internet for a few days until yesterday.
One of our adapters is borken brocken broken so that was probably the main cause for all of that.

Moving on from that...

I somehow went back to this video again

I guess YouTube recommendations get a bit weird.

Funny enough, it wasn't actually all that strange when that video popped up while I was watching random reaction videos idk what im doing with my life either
Two days ago marks 4 years since that poor girl died

Thinking about it again, it really is sad that people still do shit like this

One of the videos I was watching before I got to that one was this
and I also felt like talking about it

This kind of video actually was kinda nostalgic
even though the first computer I saw was not a Windows 95
(the answer to that would be a Windows 98, we had that, with all them floopy deeeeeeesks, until the Super Mario RPG rom we had on it started getting corrupted and shit happened, idk what happened back then)

so uh happy super early or super late 21st birthday windows 95? idk xD

Yesterday I've done a lotta digging
and probably a lotta stalking

And this digging has to do with this kodomo (kids) manga that I've always wanted to buy called Fairy Idol Kanon
(none of these pics are mine, that should be obvious... click on the pic to find where i found these from)
a bunch of fairy idol kanon covers by Fario-P
To put it in brief, it shows the adventures of three wanna-be idols with a bit of fairy magic from a new fairy friend. The original Japanese manga serialized on Buzzing Comics (by Poplar) is 12 years old and the English version (for us in 'murica) of the manga is 7 years old.
I definitely recommend this for young girls xD

So yesterday I was wondering why there was no Wikipedia page for Fairy Idol Kanon yet.
Clearly people know about it. There's some images other than my fan art on there.
So I typed in the kana for Fairy Idol Kanon.
Turns out there actually is a Wikipedia page o.o
It's on the Japanese Wikipedia if you wanna take a look at it, here's the link below…
(if u got chrome there should be a translation option built in... if not there's google translate i guess lmao)

So over there I've learned about the one thing I was wondering for years about the girls: their last names.
Sounds funny but the official English translation of the manga does NOT show their last names anywhere on the character introductions of each volume.
Not kidding. It sucks.
So it's "Kanon Kohinata", "Marika Amano", and "Kodama Yagi".
I never thought I would ever rely on Wikipedia for actual information.

...But then again, it's just the English Wikipedia that is just unreliable, I'm pretty sure lmao

...Just thought anyone still cared about this manga lmao
and yes im still making art of it

Also there's one thing while looking for a bunch of stuff about the manga
It's about the creator, Mera Hakamada...
Image result for Mera Hakamada
(that's how she usually draws herself in her works btw)

If I haven't liked her before...
she's madoka trash too!!! by Fario-P
...then I definitely do now

doe it was obvious, i mean she draws a bunch of yuri i guess ahahhaah

oh shit gotta leave the computer now
ill draw later
i promised my nephew i'd play paper mario 2 for him

"Gotta blast!" -Arioodle

About me! c:

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 17, 2016, 3:01 PM

Hey guys it's Fariooooooo!!! :D Yo I forgot about custom journal skins xD
Anywayyy I just finished watching a whole Steven Universe marathon CN put on earlier. Worth it, since I normally can't get to see SU xD

here's a thing
cuz Arioodle and ixRika did it


...also i dont remember if ive ever used this skin before. looks great


  • Name: Faria (pronounced far-eyah... I hope I wrote that correctly... you guys have no idea how many people mess this up)</sub></sub>
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual orientation: I'm pretty sure I'm asexual, I don't really like anyone romantically... or the other way for that matter. I dunno
  • Hair appearance: Long black hair that constantly gets messy no matter how much I brush it, since I don't put on hair gel/oil/whatever you guys use... I know, I'm weird
  • Height: 5'1" (hasn't changed since 5th grade lol)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Favorite feature: What?

Home life
  • Parent's marital status?: Married
  • State/area you live in: here's a hint... I can't tell if I have a Brooklyn accent or not...
  • What does your room look like?: uhhhhhh
  • Favorite food: usually foreign food like sushi and bubble tea andpadthaiandpockyandnoodlesand
  • When do you usually go to sleep?: Varies, usually ranges from 11 pm through 3 am. That includes weekdays.
  • When do you usually wake up?: On school days, 5 am since the buses take forever. I usually wake up extremely late on weekends, though I try to put my alarm at 8 am those times
Right now
  • Listening to?: The buzzing of my computer
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Wearing: other than my 5th grade school shirt, nothing worth mentioning
  • Talking to: Does a computer count?
  • Feeling: Inspired I guess? all i know is that i have a raging headache rn
  • Happy about?: The SU episodes I saw just before turning the computer on made me happy. :)
  • Sad about?: Not sure
  • Song: Usually movie/TV show/game soundtracks
  • Person: What's that supposed to mean...
  • Member of your family: Idk I love em all equally
  • Animal: Cat. meeeeeeowwwwwwww ♥
  • Thing to wear: Whatever shows the kind of thing I'm interested in, I don't know, DON'T ASK ME THESE THINGS
  • Day of the week: Friday
  • Thing to do: Drawing
  • Drink: Bubble tea
  • Thing about yourself: n/a
  • Thing to talk about: I'm honestly not sure, there's a lot of things I like talking about :)
Love life
  • Single or taken?:
  • Crushing currently?:
  • Longest crush you've ever had?:
  • First kiss?:
  • Last person you kissed?:
  • Describe your crush:
  • Does your crush know you like them (if applicable):

Have you ever
  • Bungee jumped: No
  • Gone skinny dipping: I don't know exactly what that is and I don't want the specifics. mark my words, someone is gonna comment what it really is... //sighs
  • Smoked: Can't even if I wanted
  • Drank: Can't even if I wanted
  • Done drugs: No
  • Self harmed: Does using a nail clipper to cut the parts of my nails that are skin and not actual nail count as self-harm?
  • Cried of joy: No
  • Been to the beach: Hardly
  • Skipped school: Yes, and that's why I have to take gym and health in the same term this term... cuz i failed them both at one point lulz xP
  • Been suspended or expelled: was kinda close to getting suspended just for saying all kinds of weird shit lol idk what i did back then
  • Been on TV: No
  • Made someone cry: All the time always
  • Fallen in love: Nope



yoyoyo its fariooo here.
sorry i haven't been on these days

so school is coming soon
thats important i guess

i havent been on for a while since ive been playing too much gamecube with my sis or smtg lol
my sister is going to college on tuesday... imma admit that imma be a bit sad without her around hahahaah. at least we got skype
she got a new laptop so at least i get to see her face lol. while my phone doesnt even have a front camera ;m;
(my other phone does but the touch screen isnt working for some reason.)

this year pretty much marks the first time we have ever gotten an event pokémon from a store or smtg (ex. hg/ss celebi, d/p/pt shaymin)
we went to a gamestop and got story of seasons (its an ok game so far... i still like some of the older games better lol)
but we also got two event arceus for my sis lol (for her x file and her alpha sapphire file)
(she wanted more but i realllllllllly showed her what i thought of that with my face...........)

since ive been playing the gamecube a lot lately
i keep playing the first gc game we ever got... super monkey ball
i kinda wish the designs for the monkeys (and gorilla) were the same... the new designs for them dont look good imo lol

also for youse who keep up with mah cutie Hanuno (no im not gay)
we're doing another duet again lol
prepare to hear christine-kohai's beautiful singing and my godforsaken attempt of singing.

This journal was brought to you by ixRika. Fpr all you Fantage deviants and stuhghghghghhfhfhfhhhghhghfh.
Here is her message...

   It's ridiculous what happens to people, I sincerely think that anyone under the age of 13 (How old you have to be to be on deviantART) should be wary if they want to be here. I hear there are people leaving the community because of drama. I don't want to consider this drama because well, it's quite stupid. I don't want to name any names in this journal so I won't. I'm just concerned about the path this is taking. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don't post your problems here, don't bash someone else publicly, or even privately. IF you have ANY problem whatsoever with someone, please talk to them. Do not create rants about a specific person and make them look like a complete douche because of it. Why? You only ever see one side to a person and if you make that seem like their whole self, it might make people look at them differently and so otherwise. I'm rambling at this point but I hope you understand. 
    Read the descriptions, if something REQUIRES credit for you to use, please do so. If you happen to forget. Don't be lazy, you'll know it isn't yours and people will find it offensive. You need to credit them, it's not an option. You weren't the creator and you can't forget, if you happen to do so, keep a tab open that includes it, it's what I do. Or I bookmark it so I remember who to credit. 
    Keep personal things to yourself, if you are feeling depressed or suicidal in anyway, don't rant about it for everyone to see. Sometimes it can seem overly dramatic and pathetic, but if you really feel this way please call a hotline or ask a friend/family member for help instead. You may not get the sympathy you want and instead the opposite. 
    If you guys see a troll, please don't engage. I know, they are annoying and make you want to do bad things to them but it's no way to react. The troll would laugh, laughing at children being really offended by something they did. They are either older or young and retarded. I hate to use that wording but that's really what I picture a troll. Quite frankly, isn't it sad? Some loser pleading for attention from kids probably under 13? Like if you want that, go pursue the profession of a clown.

     If you happen to not credit and plagiarize someone else's work, you will be told. The fucking queens of this community here on deviantART see all. God, trust me, I know. (That's not to be taken offensively, they're my friends AHAHAHAH) Anyway, if this happens to you, please edit your description at the very least crediting the rightful owner, it would also be nice if you wrote a journal or status update, apologizing for not credit and stuffs. Whatever you do, do not fight back, you aren't going to win. That's probably hundreds of people going after you after maybe one mistake. It's because it's a big one, ask for forgiveness and be kind; no matter how rude they get. As for people who would bash someone with slurrs and swearing, stop. 

Address the problem calmly and maturely. It would seem stern and kind, rather than "fucking dumb and rude"

Please be kind to each other.

hey its fario with another meme i guess
Stolen from dathie hahaha

[x] You've never done illegal drugs 
[/] You have a lot of friends
[/] You get along with everyone 
[ ] You haven't made fun of someone for at least two months
[ ] You love soccer
[ ] You love baseball
[x] You're into writing and art
[ ] Favorite music genre is pop rock
[x] You believe in "innocent until proven guilty" theory
[ ] Abortion is wrong
[ ] The war against Iraq is unneeded
[ ] One of your favorite colors is red or gold
[ ] Good grades at school
[x] One of the worst things you can do is lie
[/] You plan on going to college/university
TOTAL:  5.5

[ ] You're content with mostly everything in your life right now.
[x] You laugh a lot
[/] You like to follow trends.
[x] Politics suck.
[ ] You love to swim
[ ] Water polo is awesome
[x] Pink is one of your favorite colors
[/] Black is morbid & depressing still like it though
[ ] Michael Jackson is talented as a musical artist.
[ ] You're an optimist.
[ ] You're completely straight-edge.
[x] You're very emotional
[ ] Rap, R&B, & hip-hop is your favorite music genre
[x] You don't believe in going steady at a young age
[x] You've made fun of at least one person this week.

[x] You're depressed to a certain extent.
[x] You love to read.
[x] You appreciate theater & arts.
[x] Sports suck.
[/] You're shy.
[/] Hate is completely unneeded.
[ ] Loyalty is the MOST important thing in a relationship
[ ] Indie is your favorite genre of music.
[x] Every once in awhile you have little anger outbursts.
[x] Lying is sometimes okay
[ ] Red is one of your favorite colors.
[/] Serious is better than funny.
TOTAL: 7.5

[x] There's at least one person you hate.
[/] Basketball is a good sport.
[ ] (American) Football is amazing.
[x] Black is a cool color.
[x] You've lied about something serious.
[/] You're a very deep person.
[x] You have considered suicide.
[/] Very loyal.
[ ] You like metal.
[x] They make school seem more important than it is.
[/] You're scared to grow up.
[ ] You've done drugs in the past month.
[ ] Anger is one of your primary feelings.
[x] You have trust issues.
[ ] Guilty until proven innocent.

what the hell is this
i thought for sure i was hufflepuff

..even tho i hardly read the first book BUT WHATEVER
i dont understand y ppl like divergent or hunger games

Help :iconfario-p:
Hey guys, it's Fariooooooo! :D
There's been a lot of things going on and let me attempt to address them...

First off!
Kittydere drawing contest (closed)Hello, everyone. Pink Wave I've made a poll wondering if people wanted me to open a drawing contest for my character so here we are! ^^ 
Skitty Chase Tail Plz Sylveon Attract Plz Sailor Chibi Moon Moon Prism 
To join the contest:
light pink heart bullet watch me if you just found and if you want to join
pink heart bullet fave this journal
light pink heart bullet make a journal about the contest
pink heart bullet comment down below with the word "Joining" and with your journal ^_^
Dessert Set: Flower Cookie - RightAlso: joining is closed but for those who have joined and haven't finished their submissions are still open, the contest deadline wil

There's a drawing contest! Click on the box above if you'd like to join!
Do note that you have to watch xKitty-Himex in order to join.

My family seems to try to get me to go outside pretty often. And no, before you say anything, I don't have Pokémon Go. For those who somehow are living in this time period and have no idea (or the people possibly for some reason reading this in the future), Pokémon Go is an official Pokémon iOS/Android app that was announced in November of last year and had just recently come out in the past month or so. It's crazy how oversaturated YouTube and the media have gotten about it-- Pokémon hasn't been this crazy popular since 1998 or so.
Long story short, I don't have it not because I overly hate the game (actually I'm more on 50-50 about the game, I've tried it a little on my sister's phone when we went outside this one time and I even had to hold our friend's phone since she was driving and I knew there might be valuable Pokémon out there... we even found a Dragonite on the road once and my sister got mad that my other sister couldn't quite get Dragonite to cooperate with the Ball xD), it's mainly because I have a Windows Phone. And if you guys have or know about Windows Phones, you know that the App Store for that is shit and big companies usually wait over 2 years before deciding to put a port of their popular game to our phones. So yeah.
But yeah, my family wants me to go out more because I've been using the computer way too much. I usually don't go out since I have nowhere to go outside and/or I have no reason to be outside to begin with.
Also, they made me go to SAT tutoring on Saturdays... yeah.

And third, the thing a good chunk of my Watchers have been waiting for...

So you guys remember that I posted the opening to the Fantage Animated Movie of the Sensei Andy's Fantage Animated Series Millennium Star on the 12th of this month. I'm glad to see the support and there were a few who wanted to help out. However I dunno if you guys saw this video I posted about a week after:

So yeah if you guys wanna give me fan art, send me your fan art in a note.

Also! A good amount of you have Fantage OCs. You can send me those too and they'll be cameo/background characters in the movie too :)
(I'll credit you of course if your OC is in)

More stuff is in the video.
If you want to do stuff for the movie, you have to go to the status update where I originally reposted the video:…
There's a few comments I said I'd make as I said in the video. For those, look for the Featured comments in the status update.

Just a friendly reminder. lol.

As for progress:
I'm sorry that I still haven't started animating on it yet, but trust me when I say I'm working on it ASAP and might actually start a bit tomorrow if I can. I was working on some backgrounds for the movie earlier, but like most of my Fantage projects, I tend to get a bit distracted and not actually finish until hours later.
Keep your hopes up!

And I've seen the opinions you guys shared to me on YouTube, I've kept them in mind ;)

That's it :iconfario-p:
Hey guys it's Fario!!!
I finally finished it!!!!!!!!

I mean I shouldn't have waited so long to make this
So I made this public instead of hiding this xDD
I'll get rid of the previews soon but I hope you enjoy this while I'm working on the actual movie xDDD

Thanks soooo much to these great people!!
They've actually been checking out the plot of the movie for me and giving me suggestions
since I can't do shit with fillers and stuff like that lol.

the most important pershun!!!
thankiesss so much for making the awesome uniform <3

And of course...
for lending me this cute series over to me 2 years ago lol.
I gave my notes and stuff about it to you as well if you wanna add some personal two cents into it :)

hahaha i kept laughing at the guesses people made of the teasers
trust me i wish i could make a cast a spell remake
but i think i should work on one thing at a time
if kathy allows... maybe it can be a thing xDDDD

Hey guys Fario here...
sooooo uhhh
imma act all casual with this ahahah

hopefully some very observant people noticed these two thingies on my channel lately

(warning this bottom one might be scary to hear so i lowered down the volume for u guys lol)

So far, we got a few guesses, like a Fantage series or a fmv, but I'm gonna say that those who say on a series are pretty close...
Of course we got a few people who are actually also involved in this project
But don't go bugging them as to what it is cuz their lips are sealed ;)

Anyway... enough about shameless advertising
Remember this thief?
My New OCs by Stephaniebeau

Well we got another one. The funny thing is, they literally just watched me too lol.
Just cuz you watched me that doesn't mean I'll ignore you.

We got stolen shit. AGAIN. Is she the same person or something? They're doing literally the same exact thing as she did too...
all of my oc so far by Animegurl11122
If you're supporting her and defending her
for some reason
give me one good point of defense
that none of this is hers.

Oh and don't try to say
"But she's younger and maybe she doesn't know any better."
Well I'm pretty sure 13 year olds can see how nasty I can get when I deal with art theft
and know how to stay out of it.
And if they're not even 13, then they shouldn't even be on the site lol, dA's rules.


MY BODY ARMY IS READY :iconfario-p: